Wooden Blinds - A Great Way to Add Class to Your Room

Posted by Amos Fred on August 28th, 2018

Wooden blinds are functional, durable, and classy. Wood’s natural strength ensure it stands the test of time. Also, the curtains are too obsolete and tacky for today, the amount of utility it has surpass the traditional curtain as you can manipulate the amount of light entering the room. Now let’s not forget how graceful wood looks, its rustic charm, and warmth gives your room an exotic look.

Here are some reasons why you should buy wooden blinders in Delhi-


In this time of dynamic tastes, having something versatile is near to impossible. But wooden blinds break this taboo to blend in with any atmosphere. You don’t even need to change the carpet or paint, the natural polished wood color will do the job or if you want they are offered in a lot of colors as well. So, it falls down in your preference.

Warm and Cosy-

Wood is an innate insulator both for heat and energy. During the colder half of the year, wooden blinds can help save a great amount of heat lost through poor insulation. So, you can keep your family warm without spiking the thermostat.


For the people afraid of the classic brown, the market is brimmed with a plethora of more options. Right from the classic cream to walnut and oak, you can choose anything you want. For the wild ones, you get different color options in the headrails to give it a more bohemian look. Generally, people go for the cream as it's not that flashy and does the job done but to be honest natural wood looks more captivating. Buying wooden blinds online in India is a much easier task than actually struggling in the market.


It might not be 100% immune to the outside noise but for sure it adds a roadblock. Have a crowded neighborhood, loud streets, or sick traffic, wooden blinds are your answer. Also, the rotational benefit helps you to alter the visibility as per your preference.

The perfect companion for bay windows-

By any chance, if your home is blessed with bay windows then wooden blinders is a sure shot choice. You know how gigantic a bay window is, it gives you a 360-degree visibility with extra space to use. Wooden blinds blend well with the overall décor and give you the liberty to alter the view. You should go for louvres to bring in more sunlight and a slender version for more privacy.

Faux Wood-

Wooden blinds in India might not be that great option but the people looking for the same feel can always go for Faux wood. These are carved out of PVC and share the same durability as wood. The PVC material is water resistant and painted in authentic wood color. So, you can have the same wooden aesthetics and durability in addition to the easy cleaning and maintenance. The regular working class doesn’t need to worry about them bending or breakage over time.

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