Posted by smrtsmith on August 29th, 2018

While the creation of tomorrow’s Infinity War LTM in Fortnite won’t immediately usher inside the inclusion of Avengers skins, it doesn’t necessarily indicate that Epic Games won’t ever include outfits relying on Marvel’s huge stable of superheroes. After all, Mooney didn’t explicitly say how the company would not incorporate Fortnite Skins such assets. Even so, there’s really no telling if this type of venture will ever go to pass, because the red tape and huge fees in connection with licensing such iconic characters for in-game skins could be considered a major hurdle for Epic.
Taking this all into consideration, should Epic Games and Marvel ever opt to actually form teams for some Fortnite crossover skins, it’s safe to point out that both companies would absolutely rake inside the dough (like the firms weren’t making enough money already). After all, Marvel features a nearly endless well of heroes and villains by Fortnite Skins for sale which to draw inspiration, as well as a little bit of legwork has now been completed to prove just how much players want the mashup to occur, united fan developed a Black Panther skin not long ago.

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