Posted by Ainsley Aiken on August 29th, 2018

Renovating your kitchen is all about doing away with the old and heralding the new, resulting in a beautiful kitchen that maximizes efficiency and functionality. Here are some tips on how to have the KITCHEN RENOVATION of your dreams.

A kitchen island facing the dining room

The kitchen island is rightfully regarded as the heart of the kitchen. It is where people gather to taste and celebrate the culinary delights prepared in the kitchen. Interestingly enough, many home designers prefer this part of the kitchen to face the dining room. It makes sense, since a kitchen island is an area where preliminary tasting is done, while the dining room is where the rest of the dining magic happens. Having them face each other provides a better overall flow. Some home owners prefer to place the cooking surface right on the kitchen island so that they are “onstage” while cooking.

Use invisible storage

Concealed storage gives your kitchen a cleaner, sleeker, and more modern look, with the additional advantage of protecting all the storage contents from dust. Traditionally, people wanted to showcase the contents of kitchen cabinets, but lately there has been more preference for hiding away the contents so that the kitchen looks less cluttered.

Refined cabinetry

Even the desire for modern appliances has not gotten rid of homeowners’ preference for refined furniture and cabinetry. These provide visual appeal to the kitchen amidst all the utilitarian elements in the room. Things like lacquered grey cabinets and white cabinets with glass panes are welcome in a kitchen that is both functional and stunning.

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