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Overcome real life training challenges by making use of the practices described in the following scenarios. For all organizations/ Corporate requiring training, from employees, partners and beyond. Bebox can assist you in ensuring that the challenging process of training quick, simple and cost effective.

What is LMS Systems for Business?

Many enterprises have understood that enterprise training is valuable, and an enterprise without training will be eliminated by society. LMS systems for business not only provides learning courses for employees, but also recommends courses to employees according to the enterprise development strategy, provides suitable post courses for the staff in combination with the product business, and records the enterprise curriculum in reference with the enterprise culture, all of which make the staff fully understand and carry out the enterprise strategy.

Promoting the Implementation of Enterprise Strategy
The enterprise online learning system can recommend training courses that meet the employees' needs to employees according to the enterprise development strategy, which helps improve employees' consciousness and working skills; enterprises train staff in combination their own enterprise culture can save the cost of training. According to the personal characteristics of the employees, the department managers can make the courses suitable for their own employees, thus promoting the executive ability and comprehensive ability of the employees to promote the implementation of the enterprise strategy.

Assisting Enterprises to Establish Employee Online Training Systems
The enterprise online cloud based lms helps enterprises build a perfect training system. First of all, the enterprise learning system provides a platform for employees to learn at any time and anywhere. Secondly, it provides a large number of excellent courses of famous teachers and maintains the leading update speed of the industry. Thirdly, it assists enterprises to set up a training system, clarify responsibilities, and link learning with performance. Besides, it helps enterprises establish annual training plan and decide what for the staff to learn and when to learn. Finally, through systematic online and offline tutoring, enterprises can easily carry out the training.

E Learning Solutions Continuously Improving the Enterprise Benefit
Through enterprise online learning system, the staff can learn online, which saves travel costs and reduce the cost of training; online learning allows the staff to learn whenever and anywhere, which eases the conflict between working and learning; scientific learning process together with simple training management improves the training efficiency; the offline service guidance creates a learning atmosphere, which helps the enterprises grow.


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