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Posted by Ishita dewan on August 29th, 2018

It is easy to be suppressed by the choice, so it is always the suited method to take a room-by-room approach and purchase from a flooring expert instead of a regular home enhancement store.

With Inovar floorings, you will soon discover many varieties of color, thickness, and effects available to suit every room of the house!

Hallway and Landing

The hallway is important as it’s the first floor to be seen on entering the home and typically gets the most foot traffic, as it usually connects all the main rooms in the house. If you’ve previously had carpet flooring in your hallway, you will probably have noticed that certain areas tend to become worn down and/or dirty before others. 

Because it’s made from organic matter, the carpet will eventually wear away. However, a hard-wearing floor will only show superficial damage, even in areas of high traffic, and those worn-down areas can be brought back to new with a simple wipe of a damp cloth.

For a hallway, choosing a thicker flooring would be a good start, try the 12mm kronoswiss laminate flooring that is not only durable & strong, but it has a natural combination of dark wood effect to disguise those wet foot trails in the autumn and winter months.

Living Room / Lounge

The living room or lounge as you like it should be a versatile space – this is where you spend most of your time with family and friends, and it is the room which is most likely to be redecorated on a regular basis. Choose a light, neutral colour such as the Kronos 12mm light oak waterproof laminate flooring in India. Light wood colors will complement any color scheme, and with this floor, you can keep on updating your living room without changing it.

Dining rooms are for entertaining your guests with hot drinks and rich food, and anything else that is likely to leave a stain. So you can’t go wrong with a dark wood effect, such as the Prestige Manson Walnut laminated flooring, which surprisingly looks close to the real wood, except it can easily be wiped clean of any unfortunate spills, even a few days after the event.

The wood-floor look has become very popular in recent years, but it can be unrealistic for homes that have real wood furnishings so if you have this situation, try to go for hand-scraped and rustic finishes to get closer to the natural thing.


A bedroom is your haven, so you should choose flooring which really complements your personality. 

For the New York apartment look, try a gray-toned flooring option such as the cheap and cheerful Gray Oak laminate flooring; 

For a rustic, countryside chic look, opt for a raw wood finish like the Prestige Oxford Oak laminate flooring; 

And for minimalist and airy vibe, go for a bright light colour such as the White Oak laminate flooring.


In the kitchen, you want the functionality over design. Your floor needs to be easy to clean, it needs to fit in with the surrounding decor, and it needs to look smart.

Consider a dark gray option, which will hide a multitude of sins (and stains!), as well as matching up with any existing decor options. 

Krono’s travertine kitchen tile waterproof laminate flooring in India is particularly suited to modern, clean-lined kitchens and backed with a great brand shining out quality assurance guarantees

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