How to Choose The Best Calendar for You Dynamics CRM System?

Posted by Maulik Shah on August 29th, 2018

There are two ways in which you can manage your work. One is a disciplined approach and another one a well-systemized approach with less discipline. But in both the scenarios, one thing is necessary and that is - sticking to a strict schedule. You cannot afford to postpone your today’s tasks and work on them tomorrow. This practice will definitely end up with a heavy stockpile of work on your head that is making you fall on the ground.

Thus, it becomes important to streamline your work with a well-managed calendar. A calendar that gives you all the space to enlist your notes, tasks, meeting, and all other jobs with detail. This creates a demand for a Dynamics CRM Calendar app that can sync with existing CRM and help you execute your business operations in an organized manner. Such implementation will empower your system to drive your business operations productively.

Recently, Microsoft powered Dynamics CRM has announced that they will discontinue Dynamics CRM Service Calendar from their regular CRM functionality offering. This directly means that user will not be able to access calendar in their Dynamics CRM. Now, users will have to buy calendar extension, which comes with a big cost. Addition of existing cost to Dynamics CRM would probably load up small to midsize enterprises. Here, getting a pocket friendly and fully functional calendar plugin will work as the best escape along with advancement of your existing tool.

What Features You Must Look for In Calendar?

Here in this blog, we will guide you to pick the best calendar plugin features for your enterprise. One, that can enrich the productivity along with user convenience. So, top features that can perform as Dynamics All in One Calendar for your business are:
- The perfect calendar should display daily tasks of employees, which helps their staff to streamline their routine.
- Managers and team leaders need to have all the details of their team members’ tasks. This feature can directly made available from the calendar.
- Managers also have a responsibility to supervise their team to work on top prioritized tasks. Thus, calendar should have this feature to display priority tasks and mark a task on priority.
- It is necessary that business owners be able to view calendar in different formats in charts. This empowers them to work on the level of urgency and the scrutinize the duration needed to achieve each task.
- Must send notifications and alerts! Perfect calendar app gives timely notifications to workers before they commence their tasks. So, you will never miss a deadline and your day will look more organized with a schedule in place.
Along with you employees, the administrator also has a need to personalize the look and usability of the calendar that can make it more comprehensive. Using different colors to highlight tasks goes best. It will also allow system admin to show priority level of different task
Make sure that sharing activities with co-workers and authorities is easy. Having Multiple Activity Management features goes best with it. With this, you can select and assign different activities while creating new tasks and that reflects in their calendar.
This avoids a lot of confusion and allocation of tasks remains transparent. All you need to do is enter the subject of the activity along with its start date, end date. It will automatically synchronize all your activities in the CRM activity module.
An ideal customer relationship management software is the one that takes care of tasks of all your departments and helps the workers of your organization to connect with their clients in a better way. If you want to bring all the workers to a common platform, take ownership of different aspects of your organization and improve productivity, getting such a Calendar Plugin would be a good idea.

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