Packing tips when you are moving house

Posted by Rick S on August 29th, 2018

Moving can be a stressful process especially when you are doing it for the first time. You may get advice from all the sides which makes it all the more confusing. You are constantly worried about how to pack your valuables and get it safely to your new home. So here are some step-by-step tips for moving house you may find useful.

1.    Eliminate unnecessary items

If you have things at home which you haven’t used in a while and are rather there for show, it is better to get rid of it. There are many ways to eliminate items such as by donating them, selling them or by merely throwing them in the trash. Moreover, eliminating items has a significant advantage. Lesser the items, lower the cost of transporting.

2.    Maintain a checklist, calendar or a to-do list

Maintaining a checklist goes a long way in ensuring that you are not omitting anything significant. You are bound to forget many things in the packing and moving stress, so it is always advisable to keep a to-do list. No matter how small and obvious you may think something is, you must put it down on your to-do list. Moreover, it is essential to have a calendar dedicated for your packing and moving tasks. If you have any crucial visits or calls to make regarding the packing, take a note of it in the calendar. This helps in managing your tasks well.

3.    Take small steps

Don’t try to pack everything at once and avoid last minute packing. Not only does it cause stress and havoc but also makes it appear like an unending process leaving you exhausted. Start packing the stuff you use least such as off-season clothing and decorative items.

4.    Sort the items

Since you have eliminated all unnecessary items in the first step, you have decreased your sorting work tremendously. Get similar items together and then sort it accordingly. Sort it into categories such as clothes, books, and shoes.

5.    Purchase packing supplies

Purchase any and every supply which may help you with your packing. Supplies such as packing tape, packing paper, and cardboard boxes. Make a moving checklist of all the things you may require for moving as well such as screws. You can buy them from any local hardware store. Read our blog on furniture packing tips for more info

6.    Choose appropriate boxes

Make sure that you use sturdy boxes that can carry the weight of the valuables inside and choose them appropriately depending on the nature of the item. Some movers in Brisbane may offer the strong and durable boxes along with the services they provide. You may also get it from your local store. Use small boxes for heavy items. It is always better to use the original box of the item in which it came. Search for them as they know best the fragility of its item and how to cushion it well.

7.    Cushion well

If there are any empty spaces in your boxes, then stack them with bubble wraps, newspapers or other related soft material. These provide cushioning effect to your valuables and decrease the risk of breakage during transportation.

8.    Label accordingly

Label the boxes by category and room. This will make it easier to identify and unpack. Make sure that you label not only the top of the boxes but the sides as well. You can also number each box and create a list specifying the number and the items it contains. Also, this will help you know the total number of boxes you have. So if one of your boxes has gone missing during transportation, you know it.

9.    Study the item and pack accordingly

Study the nature of the items and pack accordingly. Pack the dishes vertically to avoid breakage. Wrap toiletry bottles separately to prevent spillage.

10.    Hire a professional moving company

Look for a professional moving company. This will eliminate the stress of packing and move from your shoulders to a great extent. But make sure that you hire a company that makes your packing and moving experience instead of breaking it. Reputable moving companies such as the CBD Movers provide furniture removals services in Brisbane at an affordable rate. All you got to do is sit back and relax while they do the work for you.

 So these were some tips you may find useful while packing. These also serve as a moving interstate in Australia checklist. Remember, moving can be stressful, so it is important to stay calm as it may solve half of the issues.

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