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Rudraksha has a very symbolic meaning. It is derived from two divine Sanskrit words: “Rudra” – meaning Lord Shiva and “Aksha” meaning Lord Shiva’s tears, Rudraksha literally means Shiva’s tear drops. It is indeed a powerful blessing from Lord Shiva to protect Mankind from sorrow, sufferings & miseries. Rudraksha is traditionally believed to have originated from Lord Shiva’s tears & landed on earth in the form of seeds from the Rudraksha tree. This tree mainly grows around the Himalayan regions of India, Nepal, Sumatra, Java, Myanmar & Indonesia. The seed from this plant is traditionally used as prayer beads representing divine power filled with positive energy and are commonly worn for meditation, protection and chanting “Om Namah Shivaya” or “Gayatri Mantra” mantra by devotees.

There are different kinds of seeds that grown in the Rudraksha plant with different faces or Mukhis ranging from 1 to 21 faces, each having a unique representation & uniqueness.

However, the common ones are from 1 to 14. Rudraksha beads are generally strung together to form either a Mala, Bracelet, Armlet or even a pendant depending on the type of Rudraksha used & the benefits associated with it.

Traditionally a mala used for chanting or a necklace has 108 beads strung together plus one which is called as the “guru bead”, little larger than the remaining beads. The guru bead has many reasons to be a part of the Mala: It acts as a check point or else the energy around the mala may become cyclical & may have any other health repercussions and for others while chanting or meditating, this guru bead is used as a bead for identification. It is used for the fingers to feel for the end or the beginning of the necklace for meditation or mantra chanting.

There is also a particular material to be used to tie the beads, they are strung together either a silk thread or cotton thread. You got to be very careful taking care of the thread. Such threads need to be replaced every 6 months , else with regular use the thread may be subjected to wear & tear & may break resulting beads all over the places which may be difficult to locate. Malas should remain close to your body most of the time. You can also ear it at the time of your bath or sleep with little understanding on the same. Just avoid the usage of chemicals (soap, perfume, etc.) in your body at the time of wearing. You may temporarily remove them while using them.

Meditation has many benefits to your body, it relaxes, makes you calm and positively affects your brain and body. It increases self-awareness, enhanced self-attention, focus & attentive to different aspects of life.

The author has dedicated his life for the benefit of mankind & humanity. He is a researcher & an astrologer for more than 22 years & is a leading consultant to many industrialist & celebrities.

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