This perfume shop online reveals 7 secrets to make perfume last longer

Posted by mukesh on August 30th, 2018

Did you know that people have a natural tendency of feeling attracted to confident people? Studies have shown that people who smell good by default feel more confident which is what makes them so desirable. So to be considered more desirable what do you do? You smell really, really nice for as long as possible. We’re spilling the beans on how to make your cologne last longer than ever! Read on.

1. Apply right after a bath: The moisture and heat from a shower open the pores of your skin. This makes it a good idea to spritz some perfume as soon as you can after your bath. Spraying perfume on open pores ensures better absorption and longer fragrant hours.

2. Apply moisturizer on your skin: Just the way you can’t smell morning dew in a desert, a perfume can’t stay too long on the dry skin. It’ll evaporate in no time. Hence, it is wise to generously rub some body lotion on your skin. People with oily skin need lesser re-application of cologne because their skin type does the moisturizing trick naturally.

3. Use a sound combination of similar fragrances: Every guy wants to smell unique. But you don’t want to smell like a bouquet of ten fragrances! It’ll confuse people (especially women) about your scent as well as your personality. It is best suggested that you use lotion, conditioners, after shave creams, etc. that come in a kit / or have no perfume elements themselves. This way, the fragrance is more pronounced without being very “in your face”.

4. Don’t store perfume vials in your bathroom: Warmth, moisture and heat reduce the quality and longevity of any perfume no matter how expensive it is. Whether it’s your ‘eau de toilette’ that you proudly brag about or an affordable perfume online, you need to store them well in a dry and cool place away from sunlight. A small storage tip that can win your cologne more shelf life.

5. Avoid spraying cologne on your clothes: The alcohol content decides the strength of the cologne. It also decides the amount of damage it’ll cause to your expensive shirts & jackets! What’s the point if you’re smelling good and looking odd in stained clothes vis a vis zero impression on the ladies. So don’t kill your clothes.

6. Don’t over apply: It’s a myth that going once, twice and thrice will make cologne last longer. In fact, it washes away equally fast. Over applying may seem smart at first, but you’ll just end up being frowned at by everyone in the office elevator. You’ll be thankful that looks can’t kill, but your strong cologne will. 

7. Don’t rub them together: Unlike the usual perfume usage routine, it isn’t wise to rub cologne/perfume on your skin. This simply makes the top notes disappear faster. Ergo, you waste some really expensive perfume.

Some extra tips that can be your guide to buy the perfect seduction tool - cologne:

1. Buy a perfume from a ‘perfumer’ who uses natural products and specializes in selling that one thing of the highest quality.

2. Pick a unique scent; you’re more memorable if your scent is rare.

3. While buying cologne/perfume choose one with more alcohol and oil content.

4. Choose woody notes over citrus if possible. However, this is subjective.

5. Spray cologne on your hair and don’t worry about the alcohol affecting your hair since it’s minimal. However, whenever in doubt, test first.

6. Don’t leave the bottle cap off frequently. This makes the colour change, quality reduces and your ‘Cologne’ will emit different odours.

So whether you’re rich or not, you can smell like a royal. Make your scent linger in her mind, shop for your best perfume online at

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