What a Masonry Contractor Can Do for Your Boring Concrete Floor

Posted by Lazar M. on August 30th, 2018

If you have a plain, uninspiring pool area, or perhaps you are tired of that gravel driveway, then it is time to talk to a masonry contractor. These professionals do more than merely pour cement or concrete into a space. In fact, many of them are talented artist who can take a boring, uninviting space and turn it into beautiful works of art. Their years of experience and knowledge allow them to know exactly how to take that basic space and make it an eye catching area.

So, what exactly does a masonry contractor do? It's definitely much more than pouring boring slabs of concrete. Here are some awesome ways to use concrete:

Stamped Concrete - This beautiful choice is accomplished when a masonry contractor uses large stamps to create patterns such as mosaics, cobblestones, diamonds or virtually any type of pattern or design you might wish in the surface of a concrete slab. They can also add different colors into the concrete mix so that you can create pictures and patterns, too.

Acid stained concrete - This too can be done in a variety of colors. Once the concrete has been poured and has set, the concrete is sealed and polished to produce a beautiful floor. Acid staining will create natural color variations and molting effects that often look like marble or granite. However, acid staining colors are typically limited to subtle earth tones and shades of blue and green.

Water-based stained concrete - These can produce the same types of effects as the acid staining, but they have a wider range of colors available, and can be mixed to make that color spectrum even larger.

Polished concrete overlays - If you have an existing concrete floor that you would like to give new life, then your masonry contractor may suggest a polished concrete overlay. This process allows new color and textures to be added but without any of the underlying imperfections showing through. Because it works with the floor already in existence, these are often a less expensive alternative to pouring a new floor or attempting to correct an existing floor so that stamping or staining can be done.

Chances are, just a few phone calls with local masonry contractors or a little bit of time on the Web looking at the potential of concrete will have you eager to get started on a masonry project. Don't get stuck with a basic concrete slab, turn it into a work of art.

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