Quickbooks Error Support For Abnormal Program Termination

Posted by sofiyan on August 30th, 2018

Being a software, QuickBooks is not devoid of the technical errors. Abnormal program termination is one such error in QuickBooks that can impede your work progress. Sometimes, you may need a QuickBooks error support to resolve such technical glitches in QuickBooks. When this error occurs, you will get to see the following error message-

 “Abnormal program termination”. We apologize for the inconvenience. QuickBooks must close immediately. Any unsaved data will need to be re-entered.

 All about this QuickBooks error-

This error depicts that QuickBooks has detected a data corruption and unable to access your data file. There can be a number of the possible factors that may lead to this QuickBooks error. In the beginning, you may try to restart your computer and your database server to check if the error has been resolved. But if it is not, make sure that the QuickBooks has configured properly and the system that is hosting the company file is working properly.

 How to repair the file with the respective error code?

  •  For Windows 7, 8 or Vista-

Right click on the QuickBooks icon on your computer and then choose the Properties option. Now click open File Location.

  •  For Windows XP-

Right click on the QuickBooks icon > Properties > Find Target. Now click on the Reboot.bat file and don't close the Window manually. The file will be closed automatically. Now, reboot Windows and restart your QuickBooks. With the help of the given procedure, you can repair the file containing the Abnormal program termination error code else, you may contact a QuickBooks support to get this technical problem fixed.

How to resolve this error?

There are a number of solutions for Abnormal program termination error-

Solution 1- Install QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

For any issues related to the Microsoft.NET, MSXML, or C++ issues, you may use the QuickBooks Install tool. Download the file and save it to your desktop and when prompted, run to install the tool on your system. Now close any of the programs and run the tool. Make sure the updates are properly installed and restart the computer to save the changes.

Solution 2- Manually Repair Microsoft Components

 To start the process, repair/reinstall Microsoft .NET Framework and then repair Microsoft MSXML.   Now uninstall and install the Microsoft Visual C++ on the system. If you want any kind of technical assistance, you may acquire a fast QuickBooks support for the repairing process.

 Solution 3- Download And Run Quickbooks File Doctor

 Double-click on the QuickBooks File Doctor desktop icon and then click the browse option. Navigate to your company data file and click on the open. Now click the diagnose file button to start diagnosing the error.

Solution 4- Uninstall And Reinstall The QuickBooks

 To start this process, you need to exit all the running programs on your system. Uninstall the QuickBooks and then restart your computer and then insert the QuickBooks CD-ROM into the drive. With the given steps, the installation window will pop-up followed by a message “QuickBooks has detected that QuickBooks is already installed. Click Reinstall to finish. After the installation is complete, start the polarogram and then exit.

 For the further details, you can call a QuickBooks error support .

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