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Posted by AllAssignmentExperts on August 31st, 2018

Life is indeed, very confusing for all of us because we finally spend a lot of time away from the care that our parents shower regularly on us. Having seen movies like Karate Kid and Step Up Revolution where guys rise from the absolute base to the absolute top in a matter of months we suffer from the illusion that if we devote our time to a certain activity for a certain period of time with absolute concentration, we will attain the position of the champion.

However, scientifically as well as statistically proven it requires about 10,000 hours or 2 hours per day for 14 years to almost perfectly own a piece of art. Clearly that is not easy, and as reality shows we are not able to attain the top position since we are just influenced from what we see from the movies, and we do not know what actually happens in reality, hence we expect a lot from very little effort. However when that does not happen in reality we feel that reality did not meet expectations hence we feel disturbed. Experiencing such a feeling over a long time only pushes our depressed self forward, and we suffer from inferiority complex that is entirely self-induced. We need to understand that everything that is shown in the movies are not real, and definitely do not happen for real, so we need to stop basing our expectations on whatever idealistic stuff we see in the movies or the movie shows. We need to work very hard for achieving whatever great achievements are shown in movies, because they are just shown for entertainment. They do not and will never happen for real unless; of course we are a gifted prodigy, which occurs with a infinitesimally small probability.

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