Looking For Cosplay Contact Lenses? Read This!

Posted by Linda Hudson on August 31st, 2018

Are you looking for Cosplay contact lenses? Do you know which one to go for? In this article, we’ll take a look at the various contact lenses that you may go for:

Sclera Apocalypse

Want more than black eyes? You may try these full-eye contact lenses. They will give you the effect ‘black but cracked’ eyeballs.  You will surely look freaky. These lenses cover the full eye but are available in Plano lenses.  You can use these lenses for six months. These lenses have almost 45% water content.

Sclera Athena Blue

They are no longer costume contacts. Once you wear them, you will look more like a movie or a cartoon character. Just wear them at the parties to look crazy. Available in zero power, they are good for six months. Opt for the 22mm size that can cover the entire eye.

Sclera Colossus

They have a large diameter and have a violet color which means that you can wear them for a wide range of costumes and the outfits or on multiple occasions. They have a vibrant purple color, and they have black circles that create the effect that you always desired. You can try these lenses with a clown costume and remain assured that you will be a head turner for sure. You can find these lenses in the diameter of 22mm, and they can easily cover the entire eye.

Sclera Contagion

If you are looking for zombie costume, then these lenses with a large diameter are perfect. They have light green Iris with bloody botches which are going to give a diseased look. You can use them while shooting a horror movie, and you will surely have the effects that you always desired. Go for the lenses that can cover the entire eye and if you don’t have power in eyes than going for Plano lenses is advisable.

Sclera Kurse

If you are aiming for a diseased look in the costume or want to look like a monster or alien, then these lenses are the best choice.  Once you wear them, you get a green and irregular iris. Just wear them with any costume you are going to get the creepy look that you always desired.

In The End

These are some of the cosplay contact lenses that you can go for. And you are surely going to get the look that you need!

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