Perfect Logo Making your brand standout in the Minds of your Potential Customers

Posted by victoriachloe on August 31st, 2018

Companies across the globe look for maximizing their sales revenue and market their product in a way so that it can give them an edge over their rivals. In order to make sure that they are on top of their game, not just a perfect marketing strategy can be enough as they need to put into consideration every aspect that is linked with their business and logo is one of them.

There are many ways in which it is very difficult for a company to come up with a logo that strike the right chord. It is interesting to note that some company owners don’t even know in which category their brand falls into so that they can make a right decision for designing a perfect logo. For making a right decision for our brand, we need to know that whether it is a product, service or a combination of both.

Let me elaborate my point of view in this regard. With the following example.

What you Need to Know about 3 types of brand?

I am sure that most of my readers are aware of what’s the difference between a product and a service is. Simply put, Nike is a product and your bank, say, Standard Chartered, provides you a service in the form of opening an account for you. On the other hand, a mixture of retail and product can also be termed as a brand. A perfect example is customized t-shirt that you order through a shop online.

Product’s Association with a Logo:

There are many ways in which a logo can offer you the best service for brand recognition and familiarity among your target audience. There are many things that make a logo more than just a graphical design. Take the example of the famous Apple logo which is famous worldwide, and it is like an advertisement in itself for the entire company and all the flagship products like iPhone and Smart Watches. As a startup or small business, your target must be getting a logo that is a memorable and unique one and offers something that they can’t forget unlike all the run-of-the-mill products they see every day.

In UAE, or more specifically Dubai, there is a tremendous potential for any business to make a mark for itself but virtually 99% of the businesses launched every year fail to take off. While there can be many different reasons for this, but one thing is sure that a logo is one aspect that can make a product etched in the memory of their potential customers forever.

Brand Exposure through a Customized Logo:

There is no way that a brand can be established without a good marketing ploy and a logo that is right on the money. There are many ways in which a company needs to know that building a brand is not an overnight process. For example, Apple has been in the business of offering its products to the customers worldwide since 1984. Apple’s Macintosh was a hit product too but it was not until the iPod and iPhone hit the market in 2002 and 2008 respectively that the world took notice of Apple as a popular consumer brand.

While many of my readers can argue that the success of Apple can be attributed to just 3 or 4 hit devices and also because the genius of Steve Jobs but even I am not arguing about it. There are many ways in which you can also make sure that there are a host of facilities that you need to offer to your customers in a similar fashion just like Apple. Building a brand can take years but once established, it can give you dividends for some time to come and can also make you a company like Apple of which stock’s value is now over a trillion dollar, the first company to do so in the history of mankind.

Final Word:

If you are based in Dubai, UAE and looking to make a mark for yourself in the market, keep in mind that you need the services of a company offering logo design in dubai so that your brand can also get a logo of the highest quality. And that’s where it will be the catalyst in your future success.

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