The Value of Framing Life?s Beautiful Moments

Posted by silverwithemotion on September 1st, 2018

It is not in dispute that it has provided better gadgets and improved ways in which precious memories are preserved. Today with the use of smartphones and digital cameras, capturing a moment in life is easy and fast. Social media and other online platforms offer a digital way of preserving and sharing life’s precious moments. However, can they replace the old picture frames?

Displaying Life’s Moments in the Past vs. the Present-Day Methods

Travelling back in time, just a few years ago, people would take capture their life’s stages and frame them. A baby’s life through the various steps in life is one such example. Photos would be taken on the day they celebrated their first birthdays, on the day they said their first words and so forth. Having those moments in sterling silver picture photo frames and displaying them around the house offered a much deeper sentimental value than what we have today. As years go by and technology advances, some of these small actions, like framing moments in life are being phased out gradually thanks to social media. However, their sentimental value remains true and one of the most treasured feelings in life.

The Value of Preserving and Displaying Your Life’s Most Precious Moments

Having photographs taken, framing and displaying those photographs, make the house feel like a time capsule. From a silver baby photo frame with your child’s tender years as well as others all through their various growth stages in life. All one needs to do is take a moment and take in all they see and appreciate the value of how much their lives have changed over the years. Yes, technology may improve several aspects of life, and we value the changes. However, there is no substitute for the value of framing your life’s most precious moments.

Blending the Past into the Current Way of Life

Change is good, and it is essential to accommodate change. To best do this, you can use the new advancements available coupled with a few traditional methods to develop a perfect balance in capturing your life’s most important stages. Use the current digital cameras to produce clear photographs. Preserve them and share them with your friends through the various online platforms. However, have one or two important pictures preserved in a personalised silver photo frame. This is how best to accommodate the change in your life without losing the simple old ways whose value remains unchanged over the years.

Indeed preserving memories in old-fashioned ways is and will remain relevant years to come.

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