How to Help Teens with Addiction Problems?

Posted by mudassarali143 on September 1st, 2018

Drug addiction is worst form of social enemy in the modern world of today. Adults and teenagers are equally falling prey to this deadly ill of the society which has easily transcend social, financial and gender barrier. It is spreading like a wildfire where consumers are easily victimized to the intake of drugs like heroin, opium, cocaine, marijuana, stimulants, sedatives, alcohol and other form of refined sugar.

Activity that starts off as a fun activity or social statement soon turns into substance abuse which leads to the pathway of death. Most of the drugs that addicts use are taken in a controlled amount as a form of medication to treat various diseases but when the dosage is increased to higher level; it becomes life-threatening causing various physical and mental illnesses. Being an adult, it is our responsibility to protect our younger generation from this social evil; i.e. drug abuse.

Here, we have few tips for you:

1.    Don’t follow the trends blindly:
Kids usually learn from their peers and are heavily influenced by their social circle. They feel reluctant to say no as it might tag them as ‘un-cool’ or ‘sissy’. So, as a parent and an adult, it is your responsibility to teach them to say no to things that are wrong but could be socially acceptable; as it is a treacherous path. Train them to make decisions on their own rather than letting other do it for them.

Always tell your kids to ponder over their actions as well as of their friends because they are known for the company they keep. Their friends might be struggling with social and family problems that had forced them to tread this path so instead of following their choices; seek help for them.

2.    Identify household substances that can be used as drugs:
Most of the medicines that we use for the treatment of different diseases are now heavily consumed by teenagers as substance abuse. As per NYS Health Department, more than 4.5 million children turn to prescription medicines for drug addiction. It is always advisable to keep medicines, alcoholic drinks or any other related substance in lock or out of sight to protect your children from falling prey to this habit.

3.    Educate Your Child:
As an adult we are not only role models for our child but also their motivational speakers. It is highly important for us to address the topic and speak about the negative effects of alcohol abuse and other drugs on our body. You can even attend different counseling sessions and public gatherings to keep yourself and your child informed and educated about substance abuse and legal issues that one can face.

Speak to them about the way you, as a parent; feel about drugs and how you prevented yourself from becoming its victim. Studies have shown that up to 50% of children who were counseled and educated about drug abuse were less likely to opt for it even at later stage of life.

4.    Seek help when needed:
If even after all this, if your child has become addicted to drugs then seek medical help instead of self-treatment.  Your child might need proper medication as well as therapies and counseling to get rid of addiction. There are many rehabilitation centers across the globe that are dedicated to provide such services. If you are living in Florida, you can find the best treatment center in FL working hard to reduce drug abuse in the country.

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