Using Hydrogen peroxide For Cleaning Well Water And Removing Bad Odors

Posted by Asit Roy on September 2nd, 2018

Hydrogen peroxide has a chemical formula H2O2. The slightly viscous, clear, and pale blue liquid works as an antiseptic, a bleaching agent, as well as an oxidizer. Hydrogen peroxide is widely used as an antiseptic and is a part of alternative medicine system as well.  

Hydrogen peroxide is widely used for treating wastewater and for removing a number of organic impurities that may be present in it. The addition of hydrogen peroxide to water can also reduce or remove the false odors as the compound can oxidize the different sulfur-containing impurities that may be found in the waste and unclean water. When added to the humidifier or deployed as vapor, hydrogen peroxide can sterilize a room and can kill the aerobic microbes. The compound is effective against a range of pathogens and microorganisms including yeast, bacteria, viruses, and molds. Hydrogen peroxide, when used in the right concentration, is found to be a better and cheaper alternative to bleaches that contain chlorine. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) also finds H2O2 as a safe disinfectant when used in the right concentration.

Cleaning water and removing false odor by using H2O2

If a pool of water has a rotten-egg-like odor or smell, it has the sulfur-containing impurities. Hydrogen peroxide may be used in the right concentration and in very small amount for cleaning water, and for nullifying the effect of sulfide that is the root cause of these bad odors. A sand filter can also be used later for removing the impurities and resulting particles.

AOP or Advanced Oxidation System

Ozone gas may also be combined with hydrogen peroxide for cleaning and purification purposes. The extra oxygen atoms provide for rapid oxidation and can kill the microscopic substances. A system that uses both ozone (or any other oxygen-rich substance) along with hydrogen peroxide is termed as an AOP or Advanced Oxidation Process system. The AOP systems are found to be more effective for removing bad odor and impurities from unclean water. For even greater purification, the AOP may be used along with a UV emitting radiation device.

Concentrations available

Hydrogen peroxide suppliers provide to you the various concentrations of the substance available, and these variants are fit towards usage for a given set of circumstances. The most common concentration variant of hydrogen peroxide used is the 3% variant. The Food-Grade hydrogen peroxide has 35% concentration and it can be dangerous to use it when you do not know the specific proportions towards mixing. There is also a 7% variant that is used for purifying dental waterlines. No matter what concentration variant of hydrogen peroxide you are using, you need to use it only in given specified amount. Hydrogen peroxide can fast eat away the skin and the internal organs when consumed in greater and dangerous concentration. Hence it is very important to know exactly what amount and proportion of the compound you need for cleaning, disinfecting, water purification, medicinal and other purposes.

Using hydrogen peroxide for cleaning well water

Hydrogen peroxide can also be used for cleaning the water that emerges out of a well. The widely used submersible pumps that are popular today have a 220-volt configuration. In these cases and others, you can use the Proportional Feed Hydrogen Peroxide System. The system will put in the right amount of hydrogen peroxide in the emerging water every time. But even after installing the system you need to lay proper checks to see no excess amount of peroxide is getting mixed and the safety of water and those consuming it is ensured. Too little H2O2 injection amount will not produce adequate cleaning and purification effects. Hence only regular checking and tests will ensure that you are getting purified and safe water out of the well.

One problem that may emerge here is that peroxide also oxidizes the iron present in water and the water starts to taste like rust. You can use a water/iron filter for removing the oxidized iron.

Apart from removing the odor from water, you can also use hydrogen peroxide to remove bad smell from any place as well. The compound can be used along with baking soda and applied to the problem spot for getting rid of the bad odor and smell.

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the most affordable and widely used substances available for getting rid of pathogenic diseases and infections. The substance is also highly useful towards making a water pure and safe for drinking. You can use  H2O2 for removing false odor, bad smell, and pathogens from all kinds of water pools including the good water pool.  Note that it is very important to check the concentration of hydrogen peroxide before using it in any instance.

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