Why You Need to Consider Tubing Mascara in Your Beauty Routine

Posted by thrivecausemetics on September 3rd, 2018

This trend has been sweeping across the U.K. for the last year and only recently started hitting American beauty store shelves. While the idea that “mascara is mascara” might seem true, it’s definitely not true of this formula. Tubing mascara is different than traditional mascara because it has a buildable, fibrous formula. 

Tubing mascara gets its name from the tubes that the formula creates around individual lashes to extend their length. This gives each eyelash complete coverage and tends to leave problems like flaking and clumping behind. While popular traditional mascaras boast volume, they also tend to have issues like smudging and flaking over time. 

If you’re looking for a vegan mascara, tubing mascaras - like the Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara by Thrive Causemetics - focus on ingredients like plant extracts and vitamins that hydrate lashes without animal products. Those who have converted to tubing mascara rave about its ability to be water resistant without harsh toxins, sulfates, or parabens. Tubing mascara does exceptionally well with oily skin types and eyelids.

Don’t worry about learning any new techniques to apply tubing mascara. Apply like you usually would, starting at the base of the lash line and wiggling upwards. However, instead of doing several dozen strokes, carefully swipe upwards a handful of times. These formulas build quickly and need a little more strategy. Simply pay attention to which lashes need to be separated and stop before the length gets to be too much.

While tubing mascaras are famous for their water resistant and sweat-proof power, they’re still easy to remove. However, don’t panic when you look at your washcloth or makeup wipe and see eyelash-like tubes. This is how it’s supposed to look like when it comes off. 

If you’re sick of water resistant mascaras that are painful to remove or traditional volume mascaras that flake and smudge, it’s time to try a tubing mascara. Choose a cruelty free mascara with a fibrous, tubing formula and experience length without flaking and water resistant benefits without harmful ingredients.

About Thrive Causemetics

Thrive Causemetics create 100% cruelty-free, vegan makeup that contains proven ingredients without the use of toxins or sulfates. A beauty brand and philosophy that beauty goes beyond skin deep, for every product purchased one is donated to a woman in need. 

To browse their diverse range of makeup, go to Thrivecausemetics.com

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