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Posted by sandeepw on September 4th, 2018

Jalebis are such India desserts that are associated with memories & often leave you nostalgic every bite of it. Although rich & full of calories, but most of us do not even think twice before taking the first, bite, then second & then go on… It is the most looked for sweet at any event, gathering, party or celebrations. After a delicious meal, a bite of hot jalebi fried in desi ghee will set your mood. Jalebis are in fact one of the most favourite breakfast in most of the parts of North India & people relish it to their core.

Jalebi too has combinations & tastes equally great if accompanied with milk products, rabdi, curd or even milk. It also has a typical way of having across different regions. Guajarati’s prefer it with fafda & people from Indore savor it with poha, fondly called as ‘Indori Poha’. So next time when you travel to these places make sure you try out jalebis with these interesting combinations.

Just three simple ingredients: Refined Wheat flour, Sugar & refined oil when wonderfully combined & with the right temperature & fermentation can do wonders. The fermented batter of Maida/ Wheat flour is put in a clean muslin cloth with a hole or with a piping bag to make smaller concentric circles into hot cooking refined oil/ ghee for deep frying. The jalebis fries into crisp, juicy and chewy delicacy.

Following notes, you should have to consider whenever making Jalebi:

  • You should not have to add cooking soda too much.
  • While cooking Jalebi, keep flame medium to make it crisp otherwise you will not get good taste.
    The batter consistency is very important & must be maintain the level. it should be thick like vada batter. If it’s runny, then Jalebi will become flat.
  • Fermentation is very important. If you doubt if the batter will ferment or no, you can add a tsp of dried yeast and ferment for less hours.
  • Lemon juice prevents sugar from crystallizing. If you want Jalebi to be more on tangier side, then add more lemon juice than mentioned.
  • If you are using Ziploc, use a durable thick one otherwise the bag will tear.

While making your favourite jalebi, bear in mind few important points:

  • Consistency of the batter: thick & flowing
  • Consistency of the sugar syrup: mild, sticky between fingers as one string
  • Fermentation time: 18 – 20 hrs

The author is a software engineer by profession and a die-hard food fan! For a girl born and brought up in Delhi, food has always been her first love! Exploring new restaurants, new deserts and cooking some on her own are things she absolutely loves to do. Jalebi is her hot favourite & she can go heights to taste it.

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