2 Attributes that Make Your Odoo Ecommerce Theme Productive and Engaging

Posted by Maulik Shah on September 4th, 2018

There is a famous quote of Oscar Wilde from a play which says, “You can never be overdressed or overeducated”. And this implies perfectly for an ecommerce store. If you dress up you Odoo Store properly, it can never look excessively ornamented. But the key is, it must be precise and appropriate.

You don’t have to burden up your website with fancy elements or encumber charming designs to make it look attractive and eye catching. You can do it using a dynamically simple design as well. Probably with a dynamic Odoo eCommerce Theme that has rich UX/UI textures and interactive features.

Rich UX and UI Really Helps

Here, rich UX/UI textures do not refer to having a premium and high-end theme that has superior looks with special effects. Having a simple and up to mark design textures also works. All the user has to follow is, they must check out the features of the website that you desperately want them to. Along with that, it should they should also consider the functionalities that they are searching for on your website. If you can accomplish these, you can definitely make your Odoo store look perfectly eye-catching.

The key here is, using a theme that is fully customizable. Customization gives you the power to use your creativity while exploring optimum scope to portray your USP (unique selling points). It will also assist organization to add or remove sections and elements that are not suitable to their product range. This will help you to emphasize on specific sections as well as product categories to drive more traffic to those portions of your website.

Industrial compatibility is another important attribute of your Odoo website theme that can really create a difference in making your webstore productive.

Responsive to Not Just to Screens, But to Industries as Well

Let us just get over talking about having a website that is compatible to all screen sizes and can work seamlessly on tablets and mobiles. Probably a very few old school websites must be lagging this behind. Now, the 360-degree compatibility rule has shifted from “compatible across all the screen sizes” to “compatible across all industries”.

Odoo is a platform that is in use across all the industries, so getting a theme that is specifically attentive to your industry is difficult. And, for your industry, it is difficult to find a theme that perfectly suitable. Even if they are, it is very much possible that they must be lacking major functionalities.
It is utmost importance to follow the nature of industry and showcase your offerings according on the internet. Also, presenting your product range as per its nature is crucial. Here, any Odoo Responsive Theme that has design elements in a way to match industrial specifications across all sectors. This will enable you to enlist all the major features and positive points of your enterprise in an interactive manner.

For Example, if you are trading into fashion products, you can display product to make them look attractive. Here, users can figure out how finely that product can go with them and make the look good. Whereas if you are dealing into laser cutting machine, you will have to make you product range look comprehensive and easy to understand. With this, users will be able to understand product with better insights and will have complete information of the product functionality.

So, these are the core attributes that matters most in any Odoo eCommerce theme to get the best out of it. Implementing these will help Odoo store owners to enrich the engagement of their website while boosting sales.

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