Best ways to impact customer conversations positively

Posted by Alisha Sharma on September 4th, 2018

In the times when customer experience is majorly prioritized, no company wants to come in the bad books of the customers. Seeing the most successful companies on the planet, one thing can be concluded duly; every single customer interaction is critical.

There have been several instances where simple yet positive customer communication has benefited businesses with new leads and referrals. So what’s the trick? It’s quite simple actually. You just require to keep a constant check on your communication capabilities so as to stand apart from the competition.

For this, you can either hire a competent call center service provider in India, USA, UK etc or you can also handle your support team by yourself. IMHO, outsourcing is a much cost-effective and better alternative. Anyways, the following tips will help you to keep on making an irresistible impression on the customers with persuasive interaction. Let’s take a look:

Optimizing the communication

It is important to keep a regular and close check on the support agent’s communication etiquettes. For instance, customer interaction with verbal clutches such as “um” and “like” should be eradicated from your conversation completely. Customers appreciate clear communication and the smoother is your speech while interacting, the better service experience is perceived.

Make things easy for the customers by providing a clearer interaction.

Select your vocabulary carefully

This is the era of digital communication that is occurring on a rapid pace and a single flaw can leave your business miles behind the competition. What your agents say to the customers carries the power to make or break your company’s reputation comprehensively.

The inclusion of unwanted words intentionally or unintentionally jeopardizes your company’s reputation to the core. Sometimes, the agents while communicating with the customers use words that shift the focus from the main issue and generates a new controversy.

Proper training and regular filtration of agent’s script can offer a much persuasive communication for the customers. Some examples would be the utilization of phrases such as “that’s interesting, I’ve never thought of it that way” rather than saying “no other customers have this issue”.

Be careful with the tone

It is important for the best call center service provider in India, USA, UK, etc to train the agents on the tone of the voice. The way you say a particular thing has implications. Saying sorry in a stern voice can offer an assumption to the customers that the agent does not have empathy. Similarly, saying sorry in a rather exciting voice may make the agent appear insincere.

Agents should have the flair to promptly shift the tone of their voice in accordance with the situation. This type of character is developed over time and with practice.

Match the medium with the communication

This is so crucial. You cannot expect a support agent to show empathy on a chat and hope that customers do understand it. There are different channels for varied situations and issues.

Suppose a customer demands an explanation on some product related issue and is agitated to an extent. Offering assistance on email or chat on such incidences would backfire your customer support team. In these cases, the voice channel is the most appropriate.

Similarly, when the customer is looking for trivial information such as delivery time etc, offering assistance on chat and text is most appropriate.

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