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Posted by Shaheen Shaikh on September 4th, 2018

Being a mother can be both – a flabbergasting and wondrous experience. As a mother of a 2-year old, one of your worries is to ensure that your child gets the right amount of nutrients. Especially the ones that support child development milestones. While outdoor activities and peer groups play an important role during the child development stages, nutrition forms the core of the overall growth process.

It has been observed that when a child has a balanced diet with all the nutrients and minerals included, he/she tends to be more active and adaptive during the child development stages. It is the nutrition that helps a child to develop and hone language skills, fine motor skills and increase their attention span.

Here are a few foods that will provide the essential nutrients and aid the child development process.

  1.        Greens & Beans:

The presence of green vegetables and all kinds of leafy vegetables in a child’s diet is crucial. These vegetables are rich in vitamins, full of folate, and are also filled with essential minerals such as iron, which improves the cognitive growth of a child and many antioxidants that help the growth of new brain cells.

Paediatrician nutritionists cite tons of nutritional facts about dry beans. Right from protein and fibre to minerals such as niacin, iron, zinc and calcium, the dry beans offer it all. 

  1.        Meats

The duration of 2-5 years of age is a crucial growth span for a child. During this period, a child’s physical, behavioural and brain development takes place. In this age, it is important that the child gets essential nutrients such as iron, calcium, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B12, folic acid, zinc and iodine for proper growth and development of hormones, skin and creation of healthy blood cells.  

The proteins, omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin B12 provided by lean meat and poultry plays vital role in developing and proper functioning of the child’s bones and muscles. A simple bowl of chicken soup or fish patties or fish fingers (baked, obviously) can help your little one get all the protein that he/she needs.

The iron mineral from the meat aids the brain or cognitive development, which is one of the crucial aspects of the child development milestones

  1.        Milk:

The goodness of milk is known to everyone. Important for the overall growth and well-being of your little one, milk contains essential vitamins such as A and B-complex. Apart from the being a rich source of calcium, milk also contains Vitamin D which is essential for the proper growth of teeth and eye sight.

A simple mix of fruits with yoghurt or a cool milkshake on a summer afternoon will ensure that your child receives all the important nutrients. 

  1.        Oatmeal and cereals:

One way to ensure your child gets the required amount of nutrients in an easy, most nutritious and all-natural way is by including cereals and oatmeal in their diet. While there are a plethora of cereal options to choose from, it is important that you pick the one that gives all the essential nutrients and the one that will aid the child development milestones.

A nutrient-dense cereal such as Ceregrow is packed with multigrain, along with the goodness of milk and an assortment of fruits. The 15 age-appropriate vitamins and minerals support the child development stages adequately.

Making sure your child gets the right nutrition can get too taxing at times. The foods mentioned above will ensure that your child gets his/her daily dose of nutrients without you having to worry.

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