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Posted by preform nicole on September 5th, 2018

Everyone who purchased our Jilian Molded pet blowing machine should do the maintenance work in the daily operation of the machine and equipment. The machine should not be operated to keep the safety protection device open or any interlocking device passed.
1. Clean the air conditioner from the outside.
2. Manually lubricate the tie rods and tie rods at the beginning of each shift, so when m / c is continuously produced by hand pump, it is periodically lubricated after three or four hour intervals.
3. Lubricate all moving parts.
4. Check the oil level of the tank and fill it with oil if necessary.
5. Check the oil level in the gearbox in the oil level indicator.
6. Check the oil temperature. Should not exceed 55C.
7. Check the operation of the ammeter (current meter) heater.
8. Check the oil level of the gearbox.
9. Check the emergency button, gate safety, and proximity switch for proper operation.
10. Physically inspect all important connections on the machine and tighten if necessary.
1. Check for oil leaks.
2. Check all loose connections on the machine components and tighten as necessary.
3. Remove and clean the suction filter of the hydraulic pump.
4. Check all security features provided by the monitoring center
5. The contacts of the contactor should be inspected. If it is dirty, wash it with carbon tetrachloride.
6. Check electrical control cabinets and air conditioners
7. Check that all tie rod nuts, tie rod nuts and racks are tight.
8. Check the water circulation in each area.
9. Check and adjust the belt tension. Adjust it to get the correct belt tension.

We have chosen our Bianlian mold blow molding machine or other Pet Bottle Preform series, our company will follow you and follow up, no matter what problems you encounter during use or operation. We will bring you a comprehensive solution that will leave you with no worries.

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