The Best Fantasy Books of All Time

Posted by John Smith on September 5th, 2018

One of the best science fiction books you will find isThe Way of Kings, its plot and story are awesome. From starting to end, he holds the reader full attention. Brandon Sanderson does an outstanding job with personality and storydevelopment, He's so legendary, so innovative, so exactly what I want to learn. This fantasy book begins outstanding but ends outstanding and this is one fantasy book I liked very much!

"The Black Company"

I'm amazed when I started reading this book that I had not look at this fantasy book before now. This book was really exciting and        amazing. it is a relatively different read than most other fantasy activities. It's published in a first-person likely and jumps directly into the story.

"Ship of Magic" by Robin Hobb

This is another Robin Hobb "epic" fantasy book and yes, another 5-star review. A vibrant study with a well-paced, the figures are incredibly specific, and the story is awesome, and it's just simply outstanding storytelling.

"A Clash of Kings by George" R. R Martin

This is not simple reading! is a must-read for those who really like studying about knights in fights, legendary beasts, old-time politics, dragons and magic! Suitable for adultreaders. Henry R.R. Martin, stories are fantasy, set in a legendary world, but the magic, dragons and so on are much less essential than the ability clash of different kingdoms and houses, the individual and family disputes, and the figures themselves.

 "The Hobbit" by J. R. R. Tolkien

Review: The Hobbit fantasy book took me on an amazing journey of fantasy, one that took me through anoutstanding feeling. Bilbo Baggins is a regular hobbit, encounter might be in his blood, but it's not really his factor. He'd rather remain in his awesome house under the Mountain and have tea. But they have many adventures which will permanently change his lifestyle and the life of those around him. The story is spectacular. There are amazing fights, charming settings, and one of the best being in English literary works. If you have look at Lord of Rings, or other antique books, I suggest you to read this fantasy book.

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