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Posted by Oaky Web on September 5th, 2018

Joomla is a new form of open source CMS platform. Under sub category of content management system Joomla is considered as the latest mode of dynamic website development that serve the unusual benefits to site owner and professional web developer too, in result of that approx 5 millions of website are running over Joomla. Though it offers the freedom of professional ecommerce to individual website design and development hence after WordPress and Magento the platform it has become the high in demand and most popular dynamic CMS sub head. Apart from explore the artistic skills and freedom of website building it offers lots of countless features such as:

Data integrity

It is well understood in compare to static website, dynamic websites are easy to edit and update and whenever you are willing to update the site than use FTP too download, edit it and upload it again on the platform where a fear of data integrity loss present but in case Joomla, the platform ensures the data integrity along with speedy, safe and easier edit.


Though Joomla is a strong mechanism to build trustworthy website hence  Web development companies in Delhi are now promoting Joomla for strong and powerful trustworthy website development.

Easy to change

Though the platform is written in PHP hence anyone with core PHP experience can change its content.

Built-in caching

Caching is the most prominent feature of Joomla that enhance the speed and performance of site designed and developed using the platform. Though the platform uses built-in caching hosting of Joomla sites are easy and comparatively faster than others.  

SEO friendly

Ever site owner has the wish to see site in first top and use various source to optimize the search engine and make the site SEO friendly, but the Joomla offer in-built SEO functionalities that self-initiate the site promotion over the Google and with web development company in Delhi. SEO considered focused design and development enhance the promotional wise site’s usability.

Free to download and use

Joomla is an open source free ware to download and use. Anyone apart from  Web design company in Delhi can download it from the internet and use it according to the web need and requirement.

Though the mechanism is easy and friendly to use but without experience clay can be easily molded into useless and evenly harmful solution hence comprehensive skills are must for any kind of web-based development. Although with lots of creative attributes and friendly nature Joomla is the new age of dynamic website development that not only easy to use but also serve the faster to host but still most of folks are demanding the for WordPress and Magento based web-based solution. But only professionals know the importance and benefits of each and every new invention hence before taking decision by own it is beneficial to take advice from such web professionals and get a quick and hassle-free quick solution for your any kind of web-based solution. 

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