Lipolasers: Achieving Noninvasive Fat Reduction

Posted by mtammy779 on September 5th, 2018

Strength and Mobility Factors

The two most important factors when choosing lipolasers are its strength and mobility.It may come as a surprise that lipo lasers are strong machines but they do not have to be the heaviest either. This are attributed to the configuration. While there are some machines of these type that are more mobile than the others too.

Strength of Lipo Lasers

best lipolaser discount anywhere in the USA of the modern day have been marketed as generations. The first generation has a minimum wavelength of 670 nm which was considered as not strong enough to give the best lipo result. As the succeeding generations of lipolaser invaded the market; a lower wavelength was introduced which likewise increase its strength.So, it was just natural that to increase the strength of the laser the distance or wavelength should be decrease, for the second generation it was at 650nm, and the third generation was at 635nm. This makes the third generation of lipolasers as the most powerful among the three; since there was a boost in strength.

Both this second and third generations of lipolaser machines can penetrate deeper into the adipose cells thereby melting those undesired fat layers.

It is good to note that the wavelength as generated by the diodes in a lipo laser is the factor that gives the strength of the machine. In addition, there is no absolute relationship between the brightness (fluence) the diode produces to the strength of the machine. It is the frequency of the wave length that accounts for its strength.

Power Consumption

When it comes to the power requirement of these machines, there are machines for everyrange. From as low as 6 watts to 32 watts to 46 watts and, there are even higher. The older machines make use of higher wattage with lower efficiency. It is far from real that lipolasers with more watts will be faster in giving the best results since each diode only consumes 5-20 milli watts. The total energy of the machine will then be the sum of energy consumed by each diode.

Mobility of Lipo Lasers

Mobility of lipolasers is not a factor attributed to strength. It all depends on the manufacturer. So consider what you want when purchasing. Find the best lipolaser discount anywhere in the USA before buying. You can either have the machines with wheels or with no wheels. Another is the easily dismantled or the not easy to dismantle. Others fall short of both.So, choose wisely.

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