7 best Ways to Optimize Google AdWords Campaigns

Posted by imschool on September 5th, 2018

Pay per Click is the best way to drive the qualified audience to your website.

What is PPC?

"A PPC is also called CPC that is the cost per click, where an advertiser will only pay for an ad when a consumer actually clicks on the advertisement."

It is one of the reliable ways to increase profits and generate progress.

Your product or service will seem at the top of the page of the Google bling obviously on appropriate researchers. Though it doesn't guarantee that you will only receive only profit it all depends on how you strategies your campaign.  

The totally opposite can happen while PPC campaign if it was not well planned.

Keep your campaign and business design unique using different tactics to achieve your desired objectives.

This blog will tell how about how using diverse tactics you can improve your campaign though, some of the points are often neglected but help you to grow and make more money.

1. Create relevance, not awareness

Make sure your page is relevant to what your title is and what a viewer is looking for.

As the aim is not just PPC it is to make a customer, a loyal customer. 

Your landing page must provide the consumer with what they desire. 

You should know how to manage your ad copy, keywords, your landing pages.

Thus this will surely decrease your CPC and increase the profit.

Keep things you have specified in your ad, as people came because of it.

You know what attracted them what exactly they are looking for.

This will not only help you in now but also in future, it will assist you to craft more appropriate and compelling ads.

2. Negative keywords with the positive effect

Determining which keywords fit for you will help you to get customers when they will search for it but telling what is not fit for you will help you even more.

Describing Google about the negative keywords will help you to prevent your ads from not showing where your content is not suitable.

It will help to raise the average proportion for your ad, increase in the appropriate display interface and of course decrease the pointless clicks.

3. Accurate keywords will always give Right results

Using the right keywords will help you to get better results.

Whenever someone types a query on Google, Google will automatically take you to the most relevant ad. 

Accurate keywords are the most important element of PPC campaign.

There are four types of keywords matching, including-

  • Broad - Broad keywords are the widest and trigger your ad to show whenever someone searches for the phrase, similar phrase or synonyms, misspelling, related search.
  • Broad match modified- This is second widest net showing (+) in front of the keyword. It is more targeted than the broad keyword.
  • Phrase match-Only show your ad when a consumer searches the exact phrase or the close relevant phrase for your keywords.
  • Exact match- It is similar to phrase match and only shows your ad when an exact phrase has been used. Signified putting your keywords in brackets.

The choice is yours if you want more viewership you can choose the broad otherwise exact match.

4. Customize your keywords match over a period

Don't rely on only one keyword match for the whole time period of a campaign.

Keep changing you strategy overtime with the need of growing your business.

Say, you are using Broad match in the starting of the campaign then after analyzing your competitor you can switch it into the exact match. 

5. Obtain all available ad content

 ETA (expanded text ad) released in July 2016 have made a strong influence on Ad Words by rendering the more space for relevant content. It gives the opportunity to PPC managers to tell about their products and services in a comprehensive way.

Perform better by filling all the necessary information-

  • Final URL- Make your page unique and highly relevant.
  • Heading 1- Consist of the brand name.
  • Heading 2 - Use this area to describe your content.
  • Path1 - Put the general category of your service or product.
  • Path2- More relevant information to provide the connection.
  • Description- This is money maker section as this connects the benefits of your product with consumer needs. To engage your customer, attach CTA at the end.

6. Use ad extension

Ad extensions are the essential part for a customer to provide extra information. This providing extra information will give customers the strong reasons o choose your business. 

Ad extensions include links, additional text and many more.

Ad extensions heighten your site while offering meaningful information to customers.

There are several extensions as follows-

  • Site links Extensions- Extra links which a customer will find relevant.
  • Callout extensions- Helps to build the trust of the consumer by mentioning entries like "Fast professional service" or "peace of mind guarantee"
  • Structured Snippets - Provide information about featured offered based on a specified category.
  • Review Extensions- Attaching this will surely enhance the engagement.


7. Mobile-optimized campaigns

Many of the consumers using mobile devices so, your campaign should be mobile optimized.

This gives you the better chance to target the mobile user providing separate campaigns for them.

As CPC for mobile ads can be 25 percent lower compared to desktop-only campaigns. You can also take advantage of mobile-only campaigns by directing on click-to-call extensions.

8. Favorable biding for Geo-Targeting

You can benefit yourself according to your geographical location. Choose keywords which are favorable to your target location.

Say you provide digital products or services then you can benefit yourself by reviewing from where your engagement comes from.

You PPC will depend on your customer’s geographic location and work accordingly. Keeping in mind the weather, user needs, seasonality etc.  Doing positive and negative biding on the basis of your geotargeting.

Example- you have a website of women clothing in Rohtang which a hill station and there is always a cold weather, there you will do biding on keywords or phrases on that basis and avoid keywords like men clothing, summer clothes etc.


These are the tips which can help you to earn money and make a good PPC campaign.

Remember the points you are good to go. As PPC is one of the advertising which has been used by many companies. If you want to learn more about Google Adwords join best training institute for digital marketing course in Kolkata

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