American Sleep Centers: Largest independent clinical sleep disorder test center

Posted by markwahl barg on September 5th, 2018

American Sleep Centers is the largest independent clinical sleep disorder test center in Southern California. Sleep apnea may is a common sleep disorder, and it can cause some serious long term health problems if not detected and treated early. DOT sleep Apnea is often a disorder characterized as a reduction or temporary halt of breathing while asleep. It is frequent among adults but rare amongst youngsters. Although a verdict of sleep apnea often shall be suspected on the basis of your person's medical background, there are several tests you can use to confirm that diagnosis.

What are DOT sleep study?

Sleep studies are a necessary first step before professional treatment for snoring or sleep apnea. The study determines the nature and severity of any sleep disorder, so that proper treatment can be provided. But what, exactly, is a sleep study?

Sleep studies, otherwise known as 'diagnostic sleep studies' or 'polysomnograms' are critically important tools for determining the nature and severity of a patient's condition.

Sleep studies can be performed in an 'attended' setting, typically in a hospital-based sleep unit, where trained sleep scientists observe the patient throughout the night. Alternatively, the sleep study can be done with a portable diagnostic recorder.

These state-of-the-art portable recorders allow the patient to sleep in the comfort and privacy of their own bedroom. Apart from being less daunting and less expensive, these studies also provide a more typical sleeping environment for conducting the sleep study.

New technology allows a sleep study to be done at home; giving people an economic alternative to a full sleep test. However, it is only a good option for some individuals. A typical DOT sleep test starts in the doctor's clinic and ends in a sleep clinic. Expensive and time-consuming sleep labs are a thing of the past when testing for obstructive sleep apnea. New DOT approved in-home testing devices are a fraction of the cost compared to in-lab studies, and allow drivers to be tested in the comfort of their own home or cab of their truck.

Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder characterized by a gap in breathing while asleep. An apnea is a phase where there are pauses or stops in someone’s breathing. It usually happens when there is a complete blockage in the airflow. This disorder is more common amongst adults than children. When this gap in breathing happens, sleep is usually interrupted due to insufficient oxygen in the blood. This disorder is commonly measured while the person is asleep.

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