What do HR Experts Need to Know about Conducting Employment Screening

Posted by selena carla phelps on September 6th, 2018

Employment background checks are a fundamental step for associations to take while thinking about prospective candidates for positions. As a rule, HR managers lead these checks in different areas of job candidates and individual lives to be sure on which candidate is the best choice for employment.

Confirmation of Application Information

At the beginning of the procedure for performing background checks on candidates, a human resource expert or manager will usually start with the confirmation of information. An intensive check of a candidate's experience can help make an accurate decision based on everything on a resume. For occupations requiring a particular level of education, checking a high school diploma, GED, or school level degree or certificate is frequently the initial phase in the review of information.

Additional confirmation may also be done to check data given by a candidate for previous positions. Data that is frequently checked includes verification of employment, length of employment, position, promotion, and compensation amount. With expanding rules and guidelines set on the kind of data a previous business can give, numerous HR supervisors will likewise depend on references to gain inside about an incoming worker.


HR supervisors are likely to connect with any references given by a candidate. This frequently incorporates professional references, including previous supervisors, collaborators, or facilitators. Individual reference checks likewise offer a glimpse into the character attributes of applicants, regularly giving HR managers an all the more balanced review of who a candidate in terms of strengths and shortcomings.

Physical Exams and Drug Screening

A physical examination may also be required as a major aspect of the employment record verification process. This is most regular in positions where there is a considerable measure of physical activity. A few cases incorporate law implementation, nature guides, and athletic program facilitators.

Furthermore, the majority of companies will require all applicants to complete a drug screen. HR chiefs ought to consider whether a blood test or a hair test is more appropriate. This may likewise be based on position. A more exact yet more costly hair test, for instance, may be more appropriate for schools, medical care offices, and government workplaces.

Criminal and Financial Background Checks

A criminal background check and financial background check are likewise useful for HR experts to conduct in the employment procedure. HR directors and authorities ought to carefully consider regardless of whether a criminal background check is fundamental.

A financial background check can also offer knowledge about a potential employee, giving pieces of information as to a man's unwavering quality or previous work history. It is frequently a prerequisite in conducting this check when an applicant will deal with monetary matters from clerk employments to bookkeeping positions.

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