Sleep Gauge?: Helping People with their Sleep Quality

Posted by jeenniwill on September 6th, 2018

Sleep Gauge™ is helping people with their sleep quality. Sleep is a behavior that also involves muscular movements. Movements that do occur in sleep are limited to a particular stage. Sleep is an urge, a need with which we must comply.

Have you ever wondered why, after a full night's sleep, you usually wake up fully recharged and greatly revived? It is because while you are sleeping, your muscles are restored, your mind processes the day's various inputs and your whole immune system, along with the other essential functions of your body revitalizes itself.

Depending upon your completion of several sleep cycles during the night, you will either wake up feeling refreshed or you won’t.  These sleep cycles are composed of the different sleep stages or Normal sleep cycle graph that all of us commonly go through.

What are the various stages of sleep?

We all go through two principal states of sleep. These are the non-rapid eye movement or NREM sleep and the rapid eye movement or REM sleep. Furthermore, we go through four sleeping stages as we slip in and out of the NREM and REM states of sleep.

 Stage one of the cycle is considered light sleep. This stage is the link between the conscious and unconscious states of our being. If your sleeping mode is in stage one, you could still be easily awakened by external disturbances.

Following stage one sleep is the stage two, manifested by a slowdown of our brain waves. At this stage, our body starts to shut down and eye movement stops.

Next come stages three and four, which are the periods characterized by deep sleep. Being in stage three sleep means our brain is producing slow brain waves called delta combined with other faster and smaller waves. During stage four, the only brain activity existing is the delta waves. At this point in our sleep, our eyes and muscles cease to move.

 Stages 3 and 4 are the sleep periods dedicated to deep sleeping. If a person already deep in the throes of stage 3 or 4 sleep is suddenly roused, he or she may wake up quite groggy and slightly confused.

Sleep is very important for our well-being. It is the time when our bodies recharge after a long day. Our brains cycle through the Sleep Stages numerous times during the hours that we are asleep.


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