cummins marine engines for sale

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Cummins marine engines have been engineered to meet the durability and performance needs of marine applications and seawater cooling options and controls seamlessly integrated to ensure the propulsion for your vessel meets your needs.Because we understand that customer needs and operating conditions vary, we also offer custom packaging through our distribution channel. Cummins offers a range of engines packaged with the customer’s choice of engine monitoring and control system and alternator.

Cummins Marine Propulsion Engines
Cummins offers a complete line of variable speed propulsion solutions designed specifically for the challenges of commercial, government and recreational marine applications. Our propulsion line includes the mechanical K and N Series and the electronic Quantum Series.
Both the N Series and the K Series have proven reliable and durable in tough marine environments for over 25 years. Many of our NTA855 and KTA19/38/50 propulsion ratings are now certified to meet more stringent IMO Tier II global emissions standards.

Cummins Marine Auxiliary Engines
Cummins offers a complete line of constant speed marine power solutions designed specifically for auxiliary applications, including electrical power generation for emergency or ship service power, diesel electric propulsion, power units, fire pumps and hydraulic units.
For a custom genset solution, all Cummins auxiliary engines can be matched to the customer’s choice of alternator, including STAMFORD and AvK alternators from Cummins Generator Technologies.

Cummins Marine Generator Sets
With more than 80 years of marine experience gained by supplying generators for commercial, recreational and government marine applications globally, Cummins marine generators offer the same reliability and durability operators have come to expect from Cummins.
Our line of marine generator sets include Cummins Onan and C Power gensets for ship’s service and emergency power, as well as diesel electric propulsion.

marine generator sizing tool
Cummins marine diesel generators provide quiet, reliable power for many recreational and commercial vessels, including sports fishing boats, trawlers, cruisers, motor yachts and sailboats. To determine which generator model is best for you, start by estimating your power needs.

Marine Diesel Electric
With a decade of experience and hundreds of diesel electric packages in operation globally, Cummins is one of the pioneers in diesel electric propulsion. The company has developed in-house capability to design genset packages and support diesel electric vessels, long offering custom packages through the Cummins marine distribution channel as well as more standardized C Power generator sets from the factory.

ReCon Marine
Get back on the water fast, at a price you can afford, with the peace of mind that comes with a Cummins solution. ReCon engines offer a combination of reliability, performance, service network, warranty and price that is simply unmatched.
Every ReCon engine is completely disassembled down to the last nut and bolt, thoroughly cleaned, inspected and fitted with new parts as needed. Critical wear parts such as rings, bearings, seals and gaskets are replaced with genuine new Cummins parts.

C Command Electronics
To take full advantage of Quantum System electronics, Cummins offers C Command, a modular panel system with a selection of display options designed to help marine operators protect and enhance engine performance and manage costs.

Marine Engine Accessories
Cummins offers a variety of premium options to help vessel owners and operators manage the cost of operation, reduce maintenance and tailor the engine for a specific application.

Marine Service and Support
Cummins recognizes that it’s not just about investing in engine technology. Equally important is the investment we make in our application and service capability.

cummins marine engines for sale
ReCon Marine. QSK19 ReCon for Marine. Power. 660 - 755 hp. KTA19 ReCon for Marine. Power. 425 - 700 hp. QSM11 ReCon for Marine. Power. 295 - 661 hp. QSC8.3 ReCon for Marine. Power. 493 - 593 hp. 6CTA ReCon for Marine. Power. 300 - 430 hp. QSB5.9 ReCon for Marine. Power. 227 - 472 hp.
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