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Posted by Indianyoga on September 6th, 2018

Since ages yoga has been the essence to the healthy life in the Vedic world, with the expansion of communication within and outside the geological boundaries, people around the globe are understanding the health benefits of yoga for no doubt. Yoga has been used to pacify the mind and enhance the functioning of the body by the yogis for ages.

The traditional discipline of yoga laid down many years ago is based on the simple methodology of maintaining harmony among the three components of life that is the mind body and soul which ultimately leads to health. This all, in turn, supports the life with the virtue of knowledge of its existence. Yoga is surely traditional science that was invented and practised in India. It has the roots in the Vedic wisdom and literature that, makes muscles strong, and limbs more flexible, the body more immune and mind calmer and relaxed than before if not this then what is health in totality.

The practice of yoga meditation, pranayama, along with diet, and asana leads a person on the path of simple living, higher consciousness, and spiritual elevation which can be eloped in 300-hour yoga teacher training in Dharamshala.

Each and every body cell is nourished with life energy

Science has given us the understanding that oxygen is necessary for the cell to work. each and every cell of the body receive more oxygen with the yoga exercises and breathing which lead to more nutrient flow to them and new cell are grown in the body causing increase cell production which is required for proper cyclic functioning. The holistic approach of yoga impacts spiritual and physical plane both. You will understand the basic functions and direction of yoga asana by philosophies with the help of literature and practical as well. This very well explains the 500-hour yoga teacher training in Dharamshala.

Brush off the preventive diseases

Another way in which yoga is proving as a blessing in its health benefits is by enhancing immunity. Immunity is the fighting capacity of humans towards infections contributed to the various cells formations in the body commonly known as white blood cell which is produced in various body parts. These cells become activated whenever you are exposed to the infection around you so that you can fight with this nasty cold cough or bigger infections. All these can be regulated with yoga. All this mean less infection less pain and less burden on pockets with those heavy doctors bill, this all, in turn, leads to happiness in life. As well as yoga can prevent lifestyle disorder too like diabetes hypertension as yoga is focused on adopting a healthy lifestyle. All this can be experienced in 200-hour yoga teacher training in Dharamshala.

Increase focus and concentration

With regular practice of yoga, you will become more focused and it improves the concentration power by bringing peace to the mind. An international yoga journal revealed that people who continuously chanted Gayatri mantra along with regular practice of yoga have better memory and learning ability. This will surely hit the right chord with you as it increases your capabilities with fun. Learning yoga meeting different people interacting with them will surely increase chances of the kids to be more interactive in nature, he will have better communication skills and better insight towards the life and his decisions.

Be happy with a calm mind

It is believed that yoga can provide calmness of mind and can fight anxiety and depression. Due to the effect of yoga on the body, it is supposed that there is the production of happy and relaxing hormones from the pituitary and adrenal glands which make you feel happier and calm which can soothe one in the period of relapses of the bad time or a disease. It not only provides physical relief but mental peace also which is evidently taught in 300-hour yoga teacher training Dharamshala.

Yoga is the art of life that can guide you and take you to a whole new venture with the excitement and thrill as your top priority. It will help in shaping up your life – mentally, physically and emotionally – giving it a whole new wave.

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