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Posted by kuailai99 on September 6th, 2018

“If we’re looking at a summer trip, we start looking the summer before and book tickets in September,” says McCurry, who lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, 危險品運輸 with his family. McCurry’s early-bird approach might sound extreme, but it probably ensures he has the most flight options, largely because he is booking his tickets primarily with accumulated credit card and frequent flier points. For those purchasing tickets with money, it’s generally better to buy closer to the trip itself — but not too close.

“In general, you want to book in advance, but not too far in advance,” says Brett Snyder, which assists travelers with flights. When flights initially go on sale, they are typically not listed at the lowest fares, he says. Prices for domestic travel tend to dip around one month before you fly and for international travel around two months before you fly, he says. Monitoring prices around that time frame can help you snag the best deal. Monitor prices within 3 months of your trip You can use airfare comparison websites such as Yapta, CrankyConcierge, FareCompare and others to monitor price fluctuations and decide when to buy.

“The sweet spot to start shopping for domestic travel is three months out. You don’t have to buy then, but start looking,” says Rick Seaney, co-founder and CEO. For international travel, Seaney recommends starting to look five to six months in advance. Avoid the most popular travel times In general, Snyder says, prices depend on demand, so if you want to travel when everyone else does — such as at Thanksgiving and the December holidays — you probably can’t avoid paying a higher price.

“You may as well book earlier in advance because those flights are likely to book up sooner than normal,” he says. According to an analysis of airfare prices by Yapta, the day of the week also makes a big difference: The average ticket price was cheapest on Wednesday, with Thursday and Tuesday close runners-up. Weekend ticket prices tend to be significantly higher. “Do your best to ‘zig’ when the rest of the travel population ‘zags’ and you’ll find that travel is not as costly,” said James Filsinger, president and CEO of Yapta, in an email.

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