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Different Price Ranges & Varieties of Solar Inverter at LoomSolar

Posted by loomsolar on September 6th, 2018

The Best Price Range of Solar Inverters at Loom Solar

Solar inverter price are provided in details at LoomSolar. LoomSolar gives the best solar inverter price for home. The inverters available at LoomSolar are of branded companies like Microtek, Luminious and Sukam. The price of on grid solar inverter of luminous starts from Rs.1, 46,500. Grid tied inverters are powerful inverters that convert the direct current into alternating-current. The main objective of Grid tied inverter is to provide power from the main to the home or offices. Grid design is suitable for quick disconnection from the grid if the utility grid goes down. Off grid solar inverter price in India at loom solar starts from Rs.3600 from the brand Luminous and ranges up to Rs.1, 43,500. Solar inverter works independently from the grid and it requires storage.

Price Ranges of Solar Inverters in Delhi

Solar inverter price accounts for approximately 30% of the system cost of solar system. The price of solar inverter per unit ranges from Rs.3600 and may go up to Rs 3, 01,500 according to the price for watt. The solar inverter price in Delhi ranges from Rs.6 to Rs.10 per watt. Multiple factors are taken into account that has an effect on the price of solar inverter such as efficiency, technology of the inverter, period of warranty provided by the company and the quality of the brand.

Why The People of Delhi need the Solar Inverters

Delhi faces frequent power cuts and as such the use of solar inverter has become more and more popular today. Solar inverter price in Delhi is based on the type of inverter: off grid hybrid or on grid or on grid hybrid. Solar inverter price in Delhi also depends on the brand that is purchased: Luminous, Microtech, Snchdeider Electric and Sukam. At LoomSolar each of these brands are available that provides the best solar inverter price in Delhi. The Sukam Brainy Eco-solar inverter 1100 is one of the most popular models of solar inverter. With the use of this model one can save up to 1.5 to 2 unit of electricity bill. Luminous solar NXG 1800 is another very popular hybrid solar inverter in the market that has built-in intelligence to maximize the use of solar power. It also supports up to thousand watt solar panel. It has heavy inbuilt duty solar charger with maximum solar current of 40 amps. Price of the model is Rs.8000 on LoomSolar. Solar is one of the most sought after place that gives you the most attractive solar inverter price for home. Loomsolar is very well stocked with a great solar inverter and on grid solar inverter. Keeping in mind the increasing urgency of using solar inverter to protect our dear ones from darkness during power cuts and also to save the planet Earth, LoomSolar has emerged as a responsible forum for making citizens more responsible and efficient in today’s world. The attractive range of solar inverter price at LoomSolar is ideally fit to bring shine into your lives at a budget friendly price.


In the conclusion, we must say the use of solar energy will expand worldwide in near future. There some reasons for which one should choose solar inverter. It is an inverter which takes energy from the sun rays directly. It has a fine technology to convert the solar energy to a mechanical energy. This is a process where the machine can generate its own energy. So you do not need to pay an extra electricity bill to maintain the inverter. If you are looking to invest your money in a solar inverter, then surely you will get a good economy and environment-friendly long lasting inverter at a very reasonable rate.

Source: - LoomSolar Pvt. Ltd.

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