Struggling With Generator? ? An Ultimate Guide For Generator Maintenance

Posted by RitaHPeterson on September 6th, 2018


The vast majority of companies could not operate without electrical power. There are many reasons to own or use a generator, for work, play and necessity.Make sure you take the time before using a generator to look over the included user manual as well.

The maintenance of gas generator is relatively includes similar process among all the major types of engines.  It is vital to follow the maintenance schedule of the manufacturer. A routine maintenance practice is a general inspection.

Here are some gas generator maintenance tips to keep your generator in mint condition-

Stock up Oil and Filters

With any small engine power equipment, changing the oil is the major factor in maintaining. Keep in mind that most of the new generator needs their first oil change after just 30 hours. After the first oil change, the future oil changes only need to be done every 100 hours of use. To be prepared for unexpected power outage, stock up on oil, oil filters and even gas.

Check the battery

The battery issue is the primary cause of any gas generator failure. Make sure the batteries are robust and charged enough to last long so as to not incur any start up hitches for the generator. The battery must be also kept clean.

Store it on an empty tank

If you are planning to keep away your generator for longer period of time, be sure to drain the fuel from the tank.

How you can empty the gas tank –

  • You can empty the tank by adding quality gas stabilizer to the fuel in your tank
  • Then run the unit for about 15 minutes.
  • Let the engine cool down, then again start and run the engine until it runs out of gas and shuts down.

Coolant Level

It is important to maintain the cooling system, which requires checking the coolant level at existing intervals. Check the coolant levels only after shutting down the engine and removing the radiator cap. Also ensure that the exterior of the coolant is free from any kind of obstruction or dirt.

Steps to be taken for smoother generator operation while carry out scheduled maintenance include -

  • Timely removal of worn out parts or upgrading the components.
  • Checking fluid levels
  • Battery inspection and cleaning connections
  • Load bank testing
  • Verify control panel readings and indicators
  • Changing fuel and oil filters
  • As gas generators have various parts like exhaust fans, engine etc, they should be frequently monitored for any leaks and should be fixed immediately.
  • As the engine run under intense stress, they need to be lubricated at frequent intervals for smoother operations.

Besides the above practices, it is also important to check the generator on a weekly basis for 30 minutes under load. This will charge the battery, remove excess wetness, lubricate the engine and filter the fuel and foil.

Small investments made in replacing the components and performing the gas generator maintenance on regular basis can save expensive and unnecessary upgrades or even replacement of the entire generator in the future.

When you are performing the routine maintenance, ensure to record all the readings and parameters of your generator unit, to check if there is any faulty performance in unit. Preventive maintenance will ensure you to get uninterrupted power supply for all your needs.With so many important reasons to use, a gas generator maintenance and safety cannot be overlooked.

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