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Posted by IndyWakeBoardTowers on September 6th, 2018

Fires can cause extensive damage to your property. Radiant heat in Australia is the reason for several fires every year. Your property needs to be protected during the hot climate season in Australia. A BAL (Bushfire Attach Level) is a rating system in which professionals performs an assessment in your building to measure a possible radiant heat during the hot season which can cause bushfire. The professionals will check your building and will provide the possible requirements to protect your building in such an event and will assess your property to make it bushfire free.

The government of your state has provided a map in which you can check if your property is bushfire prone or not. Visit the official website and if your land is seen in the colour purple, then it is deemed by the government as bushfire prone area. So make sure to check your area in the website to make sure your area is safe. We are the best BAL assessment in WA.

Our company is privately owned BAL Assessment Company. It was opened to provide efficient services to your building for the best possible results. The people in our company work hard to provide an effective service. In the hot climate our team will help you to increase the safety and reduce the cost.

Our company is built on 4 principles which we always maintain.

Don’t seek success, seek meaning.

Have some moral courage.

Wherever your head is, that’s where your business is.

Our reputation is one customer at a time.

Our local government has carried vast amount of research to know about the areas which are bushfire prone. If your building after assessed, doesn’t need any special requirement a BAL-LOW status would be applied to the building. If when you visit the website and you don’t see your building in it, contact us immediately.

There are 6 steps which our professionals take to perform a BAL.

Determine the FDI (Fire Danger Index) of your building.

Determine your property’s vegetation.

Determine the distance of your building to the nearest vegetation.

Determine the slope of the land under the vegetation in question.

Determine the BAL.

Apply the requirements of construction which are set in the Australian Standards AS 3959-2009.

So contact us to provide you with a BAL rating so keep your building safe.

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