Why LIC is the Biggest Insurance Company in India?

Posted by harshch on September 7th, 2018

LIC is the largest Insurance Company in India that has maintained its position for last 60 years. Life Insurance, Health Insurance and Investment management are some of the facilities that lic is offering. An LIC agent is a person who encourages its customers to purchase its policy with enough time as an agent.  The eligibility criteria to be a lic agent is needed to be at least pass their 12thy examination from a certified board and this is the minimum education qualification. The candidate’s age should be at least 18 years of age.

How to become a LIC agent?

  1. Conduct your meeting with the development officer or nearest LIC’s branch office.
  2. Once consultation, you will be sent to the department or for the initial level of interview.
  3. Candidate should have basic knowledge for all the aspects of life insurance business.
  4. Once being done with the basic level of knowledge, move for some more level of knowledge.

To be a lic agent, you just need to be a person who is confident about his words with an ambition of owning a business that can be grow as a successful LIC agent. Those who want to work for earning money are the perfect candidates for lic agent recruitment. There will be no decided working hour so that’s surely a benefit for you.  Candidate should be Self motivating, Have communication skills, Skills to make close contacts with the existing clients, High energy level and Persistent.

In this competitive world, getting a job is obviously a required as well as tough task to do and even after spending so many money and time, students don’t get desired job. But still there is job named lic agent that required only confidence and 12th class certificate. Expect high paying and rewarding career, prestigious profession, own business and no time restrictions in return.

The total number of policy holders is 30 crores and 12 lakhs life insurance agents that make it surely number 1 life insurance company. May you are a Doctor, Engineer, Chartered Accountant, Lawyer, CEOs, Share brokers or even Housewife can become lic agent by choosing this as a profession. To get the E.R.C (Eligibility for Renewal Commission) the person should have atleast 5 to 10 years with LIC and Minimum Sum Assured in force 2 lakhs. Think of the authority of writing your own cheques for salary payment and no headache of boss that can only be achieved by knowing how to apply for lic agent.