Tips for Moving House with Kids

Posted by cynthiyawells on September 7th, 2018

Moving is stressful as it is but this task becomes even more difficult if youare moving with kids. Shifting is an alien concept for children and they will be quite confused with all the mayhem surrounding them. You might be forgiven for feeling a little bit of dread before the moving day. However, there are ways through which you can make the moving process easy for everyone involved even the kids. The following are some tips that can be of use to you. Movers North Brisbane

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Keep the Children in the Loop

Not informing the children about the move can have disastrous consequences later on. You might have to face a lot of tantrums on moving day if you haven’t kept the children in the loop regarding the move. Therefore, it is a good idea to involve the children in the moving process from the beginning. Tell them all the good things about the new home and get them excited about the move. If possible, take them for a tour of their new home too. This way any tantrums that the kids are going to throw can be dealt with beforehand and won’t surface on moving day.

Enlist the Help of Kids in Packing

Packing can be especially difficult with kids around. They are going to come in the way a lot and create a mess which would be difficult for you to clean up. You can solve this issue by enlisting the help of the kids in packing. Children love when they are given responsibility. Make them in charge of the packing of their toys. This is going to help lighten your load a little bit. Moreover, it is also going to keep the children busy as well. The more time they spend doing the packing, the less time they will have for running around the home and disturbing you.

Plan the Move Keeping the Kids in Mind

If you have little kids and toddlers, you need to plan the moving day very carefully. Try and have the kid’s room set up in advance so that the children can move in first. It is a good idea to hire a removalist to help you complete the move. This will free you up and you can stay with the children even on moving day and cater to their needs. For people who can’t afford a removalist, it is a good idea to enlist the help of family members and friends to keep the children company while you oversee the move.

Unpack the Kids Stuff First

Even after the move is done, you need to keep the children in mind and make the transition to the new home easier for them. You can do this by unpacking the kid’s stuff first. It is also a good idea to let the children play with the boxes too. A little play is going to keep the children occupied and allow you to unpack the other stuff as quickly as possible. Safety of the kids should always be given top priority and no compromises should be made in this regard.

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