Possible Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Would Be Running Constantly

Posted by Antonyportas on September 8th, 2018

During the summer season, on a normal day, when the temperatures is not that high, your air conditioner would run every 15 minutes on an average during every cooling cycle. But if at all you notice that this has increased to about 30 minutes in an hour or for the entire day, then for sure there is something going on inside which definitely is not good for your AC. In such cases, inspect the air conditioner yourself. But if you feel you cannot fix it, then it is better that you called the professionals without any further delay. Find out the best air conditioner professionals online by Googling air conditioner repair gonzales la.

Below listed are some of the possible Reasons why your air conditioner would be running constantly.

  • Your air conditioner is aging

If the air conditioner at your home has quite a bit of age on it then, that is one of the reasons why it would be running constantly. As years pass by, your air conditioner also gets old and so loses it’s power and efficiency to operate well.

Possible Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Would Be Running Constantly

  • The cooling coils within the air conditioner is dirty

Your air conditioner should be cleaned and maintained properly. If it is not cleaned regularly, there are high chances of the cooling coils within the air conditioner getting dirty and so fail to function efficiently.

  • Your home or the building space has leaks

The space between windows, doors, etc. all allow the cool air to escape. In such cases, the air conditioner is forced to work extra or continuously in order keep the room or space cooler. This overload would eventually lead to degrading the AC's functional efficiency.

  • Your air conditioner is of the right size for your home

While installing and air conditioner in your home or room, always make sure that it is of the right size which can effectively meet the cooling requirements of the room or home. If the room or your home is too big but the air conditioner you have installed is very small, then again, the work to be carried out in cooling that entire space will be higher. Thus, it would have to work continuously to meet the requirement.

  • The temperature during that particular day is abnormally high

It’s summer season and you cannot expect the temperatures to be any lower. There would be days during which the temperatures are extremely high. During such days again, your air conditioner would have to work extra hard to maintain the temperatures of the room at a cooler level.

If you feel that your air conditioner is working hard and so it has lost it’s efficiency, what it then requires is a repair. See if you can do it yourself. Else, find a professional online by searching “air conditioner repair gonzales la”.

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