The great Gatsby costumes for females ? selecting the best costume for you

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The Gatsby costume is based on the famous ‘The Great Gatsby’ film which was developed from of a novel of similar title written by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Great Gatsby costume comes in all prices ranges from cheap costumes sold on Amazon and some other stores with high quality reproduction 1920s dresses. Whatever you budget there are many costumes for men and women and probably couples costumes. The great Gatsby inspired a new wave of roaring 1920s themed parties with eleganceand most of all great fun. Trending great costumes outfits include a sequin or beaded, short dress with fringe hems mostly in black or neutral colours. Long beaded Gatsby gowns are now popular for fancy galas and wedding. Adding some nice accessories like a feather or crystal long layered pearl necklace, headpiece, fur shawl or fringe and a pair of t-strap shoes will transform you. 

Modern trends

It is truly incredible what we can achieve nowadays with the advances in arts. We can actually create and recreate the whole world, stories, lifestyle, histories, and adventure with some little magical videos or movies.

The energetic use of costumes solidified the entire world of who just did not care and men who had money to spend. Some costume designers captured the look and feel of the wild and crazy 1920s from head-to-toe suits, jewellery, dresses, accessories, and many more. They used colours that exploded off the screen and drew eyes in all directions to produce the overwhelming desire to take in the whole world. They matched but never blended with the outstanding sets and backgrounds. Some costume designers completely understand the use of imagery and the world around us to draw our attention. 

Modern twists

Gatsby costume ideas add a modern twist to classic jazz and big band music suddenly made The Great Gatsby feel incredibly current, as did the universal plot and relatable characters. Another example is the Black Gatsby Girl Costume which has fingerless gloves, a sequin flapper dress trimmed with sequins, and a matching headband. There are literally hundreds of Gatsby or flapper girl costumes to choose from.  To select a costume, you must pick your size, colour and accessories.  Once your costume is chosen you can just dance the night away! Suitable accessories can be added including the characteristic long cigarette holder, flapper beads, wig, and stockings. Another Gatsby Girl costume is the Flapper Costume that is composed of a crepe satin dress trimmed with sequins and black velour. It has a matching headpiece with flower accent and a sequined brim.

An important characteristic of the flapper fashion is that even the middle-class women of society were able to conform to high fashion because of the simple construction of the flapper dress. However, the options for rich women were still able to emphasise their difference by wearing silk clothing that was heavily embellished.

If you’ve never watched the movie,“the Great Gatsby”, you must do so.Obviously, book readers will actually tell you to read the book first, and in this case everyone should because The Great Gatsby is an American classic. Though some things were missed in the film, it was nearly spot-on with the text. But designers made the Gatsby costume much trendier. Read more visit

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