How To Secure Your Email?

Posted by katherine on September 10th, 2018

Just backward for at least two decades, messages are all written in paper sending through a post office. The postman would be the one who will roam around a particular community to deliver the message. It takes a week or even months (when oversees) before the letter comes to the receiver. That is a very slow process when you compare it in today’s mail delivery process. As the technology continuously innovates and creates a lot of new inventions, the mailing industry is forever changed. When you try to send a letter today, you will just go to your computer, log-in to your electronic mail and attach some documents, then you will send the letter in a minute. However, this innovation also contains a lot of risks that you should be vigilant. Here are some of the tips on how to secure your email.

Check your password

Password is the first and foremost feature in order to secure your email account. This prevent anyone to access your personal data that could harm you if other people acquires it. There are a lot of cases that we could here today regarding emails that are being manipulated and used for atrocious events that really put the real owner into harm. You do not want that to happen to you, don’t you? So, in making your password always go with something that are unique and it is not easy to recognize. You could have a combination of letters, words and special characters to make it harder. Do not use telephone numbers, names, address or any information that the public knows about you. But always remember that when creating a unique key, it should be something that you will not forget for you might have a hard time once you did not remember it.

Be careful on messages

As this kind of technology makes communication easier than ever, it also made hackers, scammers and other atrocious people to have more potential victims. In order to avoid them, the first thing that you must do is to get educated about the different kinds of attacks that could easily affect you. By doing that, you already prevent them from attacking you. Read blogs regarding phishing scheme, hacking and email spam. It is also important to learn something about email viruses because it could ruin your computer. In order to increase your email security, it is better to subscribe for an email verification.

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