Everything You Need To Know About Spanish Mission Homes

Posted by Ajay Singharia on September 10th, 2018

If you are looking to build a classy home that is unlike anything you’ve seen before, we suggest the Spanish mission home. In the early 20th century, this style of home became popular all over the world, also known as the Spanish eclectic home. Mission homes are ritzy and ethnic looking homes that look as if they came from Spain themselves, if not a similar country. Spanish mission style homes had grown in popularity in the 1910s all thanks to the power of publication. Countries like America, Mexico, and Italy even have their own versions of the Spanish mission home. Even though mission homes have been around for generations, they still cost a decent amount of money to construct.

What Do Spanish Mission Homes Look Like?

Once you learn about what a mission home looks like, you can easily identify it. The most obvious traits of a Spanish mission home are its tiled roofs that are red, orange or pink in color and its stucco outer walls. For homeowners that have gotten tired of brick or wood-sided homes that are common in Australia, a Spanish mission home could be what the best builders in Melbourne can build for you as a breath of fresh air.

You will rarely see a Spanish mission home painted in artificial colors, as they tend to look as natural as possible. These are warm and comforting homes with siding that is white, off-white, or cream in color, with brown wood-work and red roofs.


Rather than asphalt shingles, Spanish mission homes opt for tiles, but they can be laid out in many artistic ways. Tiles can be either made of clay, made of ceramic, or you can use both for a pattern that is one-of-a-kind. Tiles can also be made for certain floors of your home as well, so it’s not just for the roof in a Spanish mission home.

For the chimney on top of the roof, it would typically be covered in the same tile as the roof, to keep up with the consistency. For ventilation, attic vents would be incorporated creatively into the facade for function that is also appealing.

For additional costs, the best builders in Melbourne can also work to build a bell tower atop the home, like what you would happen to find in Spanish churches and villas. They are beautiful bells that add value to the home, albeit they do not work.

Curb Appeal

As for doors and windows, they are usually arched into their own unique shapes. They’re not regular windows and doors, but they definitely add that Spanish charm to the home, overall, and they are really what make a mission home a mission home. Doors and window sidings are made of wood, and are often stained rather than painted for a rich color, and made from a series of vertical planks of wood that are nailed together. Spaniards wouldn’t have it any other way.

It is common for the landscaping outside the Spanish mission home to be nothing short of breathtaking. Green grass, trees, hedges, and shrubs are planted to make the home look even more gorgeous. You can even grow your own garden of flowers, herbs or vegetables.

As for the driveway, a normal cement driveway will simply not do. Most driveways for a Spanish Mission home are made with beautiful terracotta tile that is tan or pale red in color. Wide, open driveways can also have a fountain in front not just for decorative purposes, but to also create a path towards the home and out on the road.

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