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Posted by sikhadawan on September 10th, 2018

Engineering- a field demanding vibrant individuals loaded with tons of technical knowledge. My ward is a dedicated science student, he has a keen interest in technology and mechanical field which let him getting attracted by engineering. It is one of the high paid and the fastest growing profession in India due to the growing technological needs. I was still confused about the course as it is considered to be one of the difficult undergraduate degrees. Difficulty versus interest, now the most challenging task of making the correct choice was over our head.

I assisted him to go with his passion, study with dedication and the rest of the things will get back to their place. I supported him throughout the time, but the ultimate decision was his only. He has a dream of serving the nation by being an engineer. So, he kept on working hard, prepared himself to the level best for his engineering entrance exams. The entrance exams were done now, board exams were also finished. The most crucial time to deal with the future just started. I consulted my batch mates who did their graduation in the engineering field. All of them supported the decision and guided me and helped me in supervising my son throughout.

As soon as the results for JEE and JEE Mains were out, I took my son to my friend who did his engineering from one of the best engineering colleges in India. He guided him regarding the scope which the mechanical engineering has in India and how it can help him in chasing his dreams. He is a trustworthy and reliable person. So, we decided to go with his opinion. The cousin rounds had started for various best engineering colleges. The priority was for the top engineering college in Haryana which could be more comfortable and better in terms of time and distance from our residence. After numerous researches, the final conclusion which arose was that we should give a try to JMIT college which is ranked as the top engineering college in Haryana.

We went to the college to complete the assessment regarding it on the various basis. We went to the college to check its location and infrastructure, both of them were favorable as the environment was good and the infrastructure was designed amazingly providing good facilities and latest technologies to the students. Safety is a very important thing and a great measure which is necessary for a student. Riots, violence or anything which threatens the peace of the college should be considered while making a choice of the college. The college was safe with a decent crowd from good and well-mannered families. The faculty is decent which imparts education to the student with a great qualification and numerous years of experience. The fee was also reasonable while made me look forward to taking admission in the college as opting for getting an admission in one of the best engineering colleges was my first dream.



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