Pet Bottle Preform Blow Molding Changes

Posted by preform nicole on September 11th, 2018

Blow molding can be formed from a hollow plastic. It consists of a series of processes, including the production of hollow materials from thermoplastics. It has three main types, extrusion, injection and stretch blow molding. When the plastic with holes at both ends melts, the whole process begins. The hole is where air passes to form a blow mold.
Although blow molding Pet Bottle Preform molds have undergone a series of changes in history, some techniques have been developed to increase production. The blow molding industry is now developing new applications. The most common examples include: coextrusion blow molding. This usually involves large parts, usually used to produce containers and vials. The market will soon recognize this, especially now that plastics need to be recycled. Three-dimensional blow molding. This blow mold was produced in Japan and can be made of plastic materials of different shapes and sizes. Soft technology and hard technology In this new application, in addition to depending on the plastic, the user has the right to choose different materials.
The best way to start a project involving the use of blow molds is to consider the different properties of the polymer material. For example, if high density polyethylene is considered, this means that the material has low temperature strength, excellent chemical resistance and ideal insulating ability. For the choice of polycarbonate, people will be able to obtain good heat resistance, excellent transparency and tough materials. In order to complete the blow molding work, different types of equipment or machines are also used. This can range from single-stage blow molding machines to modern automated pet blowing machine. The most common products in this process are bottle, single chair, trash can, bucket and fuel tank.

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