How to Spot a Fake Art?

Posted by Adam Martin on September 11th, 2018

There are many people who are fond of paintings. They often purchase Original Art Paintings for Sale for various purposes. But, do you know that the painting you have bought might be fake? Yes, it could be. Most of the people judge a fake piece of art by their price. People often misunderstand about cheap painting for sale as a fake one. But, this is only a misconception. The painting that you have bought at an expensive rate might be a fake one too.

We must know a few points like how to find a fake painting, so as we don't buy them. Some people buy very precious and costly paintings after winning in the auctions, but if they turn out to be the fake ones, not the original ones, then it disappoints a lot. We are providing a few important points to remember while buying any artwork to avoid such scams.

· Read and Research: Research will help you in knowing your favorite artist's work like the trademark and his/her style of painting etc. If you know about the past of the artist whose painting you are going to buy, then It is enough to be sure that whatever the new art you are buying now is the original one or not.

· Signature: It can also help you to buy the original artwork. If you observe the previous painting of the artist, then you can easily compare the signature and the style of the signature. If it is like the previous ones, then we can buy the new ones without any second thought of being faked. According to the research, the artist used to use the same color for the signature as that of the painting.

· Brush Bristles: If the painting is a fake one, not the original one, then it is also a point to keep in mind. Usually, it is detected that most of the copied artwork has the brush bristles that can be seen easily after looking the painting a bit closer. In this way also, the fake painting can be pointed out. An original painting will never have the brush bristles visibly easily. 

· Old is Gold: When it comes to paintings or artwork, it is advisable to go with the oldest ones. An old painting has its own way of attraction while in case of new painting you will find the smell of the colors and all. This is also a good sign for finding out the fake ones.

· Check on the Layering: The difference in the layering of the original and fake paintings is easily visible. We may find few layering in the original work, but it is hard to find any such layering in the faked ones.

In this way, we could avoid the purchase of fake art. We can also get Original Art Paintings for Sale. We must pay attention before buying any such art remembering the money we are spending on it.

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