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Are You Setting the Right Goals for Your Managers?

Posted by Sumit Agarwal on September 11th, 2018

 What is goal setting?

Goal setting is a process that will help you plan the methods and processes that will help you reach the destination in the mind. Goal setting is not just deciding on the goal, but planning and executing the methods that will help you reach your goal. There are two types of goals – personal and business goals. One can go for life coaching sessions in Bangalore to help set and execute goals.

Why are goals important for managers?

In every corporate company, each employee has key responsibility areas that they need to focus on. It is important for managers to have specific goals and not just key responsibility areas. Specific and clearly defined professional goals will help your managers focus on their planning and execution. Goals will also help managers get a clear idea of what the management expects from them. The management can get the assistance of a professional life coach to set the right goals for all the managers.

Strategy for goal setting

Goals need to be SMART.

Specific – the goals that you set your managers should be specific. This will help them specifically understand what is expected from them.

Measurable:  It is important for goals to be measurable. Also, you need to give key indicators that will allow the managers to keep track of their strategy for goal setting.

Attainable: Goals need to be realistic and attainable. The goals that you set for your managers should be attainable based on the resources, time, and knowledge available.

Relevant: When you set goals for your managers, you should ensure that the goals are relevant to their work, their skill sets, and the available resources.

Time Bound: Time plays an important role in any goal setting process. When you set goals for your managers, you need to clearly let them know the time limit for them to reach their goals. This time limit will help them focus on the tasks and work proactively.

A professional life coach can help determine the goals and also help the manager plan and execute the strategy for goal setting. I Design My Life in Bangalore offers life coaching services for corporate employees and entrepreneurs. Contact us for more details.

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