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How loosening up will tighten your productivity in the corporate world

Posted by billyriggs on September 11th, 2018

Observe very young children, almost under the age of ten. They will be free of most of the biases constructed by the world and see through their own myriad of imagination. They will engineer their ideas on their will and imagination. It doesn’t matter to them that they fail. What they love is that they tried, and later on, laugh at their failure. Then comes the epiphany and they’d do something so unique and smart that even adults would falter at. Many adults do marvel at the wisdom and simplicity that a child can evoke with their observation. Sometimes we think to ourselves, “How can we miss this simple thing that was there right under our nose?” This is because our natural flow of creativity had always been measured into a box. Anything extra was deemed useless and cut out. And as we grew up, the box became smaller and smaller and smaller. Why?
Because there was a popular proverb, which said that you have to master one thing and you cannot achieve everything at all. This made us so narrow that we have lost our appreciation for diverse taste. Failure became a death scare. Anxiety limits our mind even further. In the end, we are trapped in the cage we made, thinking it will make us feel secure. Now, it is just suffocating. And that suffocation becomes evident in our job.  Nervous breakdown, exhaustion, burn out becomes a common phenomenon. Can we tackle it or take it as a part of the job and gulp it in?  
The answer is, you don’t need to accept it. The best part about our brain and habit structure is that we can change them any time we want. All we need is a determination to stick to unlearning toxic ideas and undoing unproductive actions. Know how it is going to work for you:

1. Loosening up doesn’t mean loosening it all
This is one misconception that people have all the time, especially when one is a control freak. Losing a bit of your control feels like losing your world and order. This is not true. ‘Loosening up’ means having the confidence that everything will work out because you are working towards it and not fretting over failure. People become control freaks when they are obsessed with success and dread failure. When you can take failure on your stride without losing confidence, you fulfill your potential.

2. Humor breeds creativity and vice versa
They cannot be separated. They are sisters to productivity. When you can tickle your brain for ideas, something or the other comes out of it. Not all creative projects have to be stemming from humor. Humor is the enabler of the free flow of thought. Humor means you can laugh off at serious things whereas a stoic stance would confine everything within its walls. 

3. Turning on the enabler in the corporate world
This doesn’t mean you will have to have a smiley face all of the time or become a clown for the crowd. That could translate that you are not dedicated enough for the work. Finding humor in work gives one a breather and allows them to de-stress. De-stressing would mean focusing more on the core and less on the anxiety. You can watch videos of humorous motivational speakers during your lunch break to loosen up.
4. Signing up for motivational sessions can be highly fruitful
If you are an employee, you can sign up for career motivational sessions. But if you are an employer, then you can make a mass impact on your employees. You can arrange a motivational session for your employees. The best person to contact for this motivational session is Billy Riggs. He is the best out of the best humorous motivational speakers in America. He has been rated as the most highly entertaining and profound. That’s a great mix that you’d want. You can visit to know more about him.
5. Ideas click and pop when you are not focussing
A great deal of study and academic journals can attest to this fact. Most of the great ideas come when you are not actively musing on it. While it is necessary to focus on the work you are doing, your brain is prone to go in autopilot mode. But when we are not focusing on anything, ideas click. This is why laser focus doesn’t always work for everyone. Do not beat yourself to the idea of mastering one and feeling guilty of having multiple interests. Let your mind wander and let it be struck by an idea all by itself.  
6. Make an environment that promotes such patterns
Environment plays a big role in how long your motivation will stay. If you feel underappreciated in your job, change it. If you think something is surely going to distract you, change it. You also need to make changes in your environment to facilitate growth. If you can’t change certain things, then avoid it – be it toxic people, relationships or environment threatening your growth.
What if we tell you that we have been lied to? That the popular proverb was cut in half by a control freak? It doesn’t just say that “A jack of all trades is master of none”. But it continues and ends with ‘but oftentimes better than master of one.” We have multi-faceted talent that can seep into the work we do. And reaping on to those talents can create something so unique and special that it can daze the world.
If you are having trouble finding humor or ease in your work, don’t consult your HR. Sign up for sessions by humorous motivational speakers that will help you see the light and make you feel light. Billy Riggs is one of those who can do that for you. He is no ordinary motivational-speaker-next-door that you can find even in your bipolar neighbor. He uses humor, magic, and illusion in his motivational sessions. Be wildly inspired for long – Longer than your deodorant. Visit to know more about him and his sessions.

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