Types of online casino bonus points

Posted by Nabin Shaw on September 11th, 2018

A good, genuine online casino will always offer bonus points to their players. These bonuses are either pre-approved for an account or a player can even earn them while playing any of the games. There are various kinds of bonuses available and are common in a genuine website. Having these bonuses or rewards is one of the attractions that a customer gets and makes him opt for an online casino rather than going to a land based casino. Because there you hardy get a chance to earn bonus points get bonus up on registration. Below mentioned are some of the bonuses and rewards that a player gets on an online casino. These points may even help you authenticate whether the website is genuine or not. A player can even get bonus points when playing bursa taruhan bola.

  1. The very first and bonus that every player gets in any website of online casino is welcome bonus, this is one of those bonuses a player gets when they signup to any of the finalized website and make payment up on registration. The amount of these bonus depend on provider as it completely depends on how much payment does a person doing up on signing up.
  2. Another bonus that players get in most of the websites id no deposit bonus. These bonus points are used at the point when a player is playing free trial games. He can wager on these games by using no despite bonus point, these bonus points are also only applicable when a player get registered to any of the websites and make payments. However, the amount of these bonuses does not get deducted from player’s account. The best part in this bonus is that it can turn into real time money if the trail is game is won by the player.
  3. Loyalty bonus is something that players get but these bonus points are not designed for anyone and everyone. People who are constant player and fix to one website also keep renewing their account on time with good amount, gets these loyalty bonus, which is also known as VIP bonus. This is yet another kind of bonus that almost all the genuine websites give to their loyal customers.
  4. Refer-A-friend bonus, under these bonuses point a player gets bonus points to be redeemed once he or she refer any of his friend or family or any known person to the website, this is trend which nowadays almost all the online service providers do. The only thing a player has to do is share his or her unique reference code to the person referring to and the other person has to enter that reference code while signing up to the website. So by doing this the new player will get welcome bonus and the existing player will get reference bonus point. These points automatically get credited to your account.

Above mentioned bonus points can be redeemed easily anytime during the game and one can even redeem these points while playing on bursa taruhan bola.

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