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Posted by John Smith on September 12th, 2018

Management consultants like The Connors Group are independent professionals who identify and analyze the business problems of their clients. They also advise managers on ways to improve the efficiency and profitability of their company and how to adapt to changes.

The Connors Group offer independent advice and support to clients on management issues. We help companies identify and investigate problems and adapt to changes. We suggest solutions and help the client to put their advice into practice in order to pull their business forward. We can also be called business consultants or business strategy advisors.

A company may require the services of a management consultant for a wide variety of reasons. The consultants could advise for example on:

-    Strategies, growth and business development.
-    Sales and marketing policy.
-    Retail consulting.
-    Labor standards.
-    Engineered Labor Standards.
-    Labor Management Implementation.
-    Standard Costing of the Product.

And lot more. We are independent consultants that can specialize in many such areas. Sometimes, we visit companies that have serious problems. For example, they can give urgent advice to a retail store that struggles to overcome the competition exerted by a chain.

However, management consultants do not always perform the function of this "emergency service". They can also go to a company to give a second opinion on certain ideas or to provide management or business skills and knowledge in a certain area of the company.

We work with large and small companies including financial institutions, local and central governments, manufacturing industries and voluntary/non-governmental organizations.

We use a structured approach to identify problems, collect, and analyze information, draw conclusions and present options to the client.

We help to contribute to the success of our clients in many different ways. For example, we can help a company to:

-    Change your management structure.
-    Improve teamwork.
-    Adapt to a changing economy.
-    Reduce waste and costs.
-    Identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
-    Review the price structures.
-    Decide whether or not to apply in a new market.
-    Adapt to changes, for example, the appearance of competitors or advances in technology.

Thus we play an important role between the entrepreneur and his stability in the face of adverse circumstances is undeniable, depending on his criterion of analysis of a permanent, impartial and unitary, but above all, multidimensional approach when assessing his competitiveness and performance.

In this way, we help our clients to achieve sustainable, measurable, and real operational improvement so that they can touch top sales and profits lines.

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