How Is It Important To Remove Bacteria From Drinking Water

Posted by David Harper on September 12th, 2018

To protect the health and ensure the drinking of safe water, it is necessary to remove or inactivate bacteria from drinking water. But the removal of the bacteria can be done in several ways and you have to opt for the right one that would help in the proper removal of bacteria. There are certain bacteria which require effective method for the removal of the same. You might have to add chemicals to inactivate or kill the presence of the same in the water. The bacteria can also be removed by the filtration process or with the help of ultraviolet radiation. If you install any system that would help to remove the bacteria from water, then you have to take care of the system continually such that it functions properly and help in the effective removal of bacteria.

How Is It Important To Remove Bacteria From Drinking Water

Details Of Disinfection And Chemical Oxidation

One of the common methods of bacteria removal is via the use of chlorine and it is used in most of the public water filtration system. It is also used quite often since it is both effective and inexpensive. You would get several types of chlorine gas available in the market and they are sodium hypochlorite, calcium hypochlorite and chlorine gas. In case of municipal applications, chlorine gas is used whereas sodium hypochlorite is widely used in case of households and in case of smaller applications. For swimming pools and spas, calcium hypochlorite is the best option which is the granular form of chlorine. 

Two species forms which are known as hypochlorous acid and hypochlorite ion. The former one is electrically neutral whereas the later one is electrically negative. The pH level in the water help to determine how much of the acid and hypochlorite forms in the water. In case of lower pH balance, it results in more hypochlorous acid.

How Chlorine Dioxides Help In Removing Bacteria?

With the change in the products used as disinfectants, Chlorine dioxide has become quite famous and it can be considered the best when it comes to water treatment. This performs as a oxidizer that in the removal of manganese, iron and other odor creating organic substances in the water. To work effectively on a wide range of pH and temperature,and help to kill the virus from the water effectively. The chlorine dioxide can be formed either in the form of gaseous or liquid form. Therefore, by going through this article you would be able to understand how Does Reverse Osmosis Remove Bacteria effectively?

Thus, when it comes to reverse, it is one of the best ways for filtration of water. The reverse osmosis water filtration helps in removing tiny particles and individual ions along with organic molecules from the water.

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